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Tanzanite Gemstones Buying Guide

The Tanzanite stone has been named the gemstone of this generation and is one of the rarest gemstones in the world. Although diamonds are higher priced due to its use in both the fashion and industrial sectors, the Tanzanite stone can only be found in one place worldwide. Named by Tiffany & Co from the […]


Buying an Ethical Tanzanite from Top Tanzanite

The world witnesses drastic changes in different time phases, versatility of trends & new emergence of unique implementations. Out of this ever changing scenario only the traditions & classy styles remain unaffected. It’s because they have always been kept above the race of being add on each time or starvation of identity. We at […]


Tanzanite Rings

Pretty circles embracing fingers establish the mysticism of love, remembrance and luxe. Gemstone rings have their special glory. The exclusivity of Tanzanite makes tanzanite jewelry a cherished possession for the woman who wants to dazzle. The twinkling Tanzanite oozes with more shine with even the small flash of sunlight. To the astonishment this stone has […]


Things to Know Before Buying Birthstone Jewelry

Sagittarians are the ones who are very keen learners; they know how to attain their goal, execute their plans in style, confident for challenges & always leave a remarkable sign in hearts of the people who came across in their life. For those special beings, Tanzanite is declared to be the Birthstone which suites their […]