Engagement Rings Moving Away from Strictly Diamonds,Tanzanite a Favored Option

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tanzanite engagement rings

Traditions are tried and true ways that “everybody has done it in the past.” But, apparently the times, they are a-changing. Modern brides, millennials top among them, are reportedly looking to distance themselves from the traditional look and expense of diamond engagement rings by favoring colored gemstones, and among them is Tanzanite.

The Vancouver Sun recently ran an interesting article, “In loving color: Coloured gemstones, diamonds a hot option for engagement rings” where  Amanda He, founder of the Vancouver-based fine jewelry brand Poppy Finch is quoted as saying “People now value and encourage individualism much more than a decade ago. We want to be who we are, and not be told what we should or shouldn’t be doing ”

Just as a flurry of colors now adorn bridesmaids from one wedding to another based on the personal style of the bride, so to can her engagement ring, something she will obviously wear quite often and as such it should be an expression of herself in today’s world and not a distraction from times gone by.

Tanzanite Jewelry

Tanzanite is perfectly positioned to blend into this brave new world of wedding rings and bands which has become “much more pigmented than it used to be,” as described by the article’s author Aleesha Harris.

Tanzanite is of course, world-renowned for breathtaking tanzanite color, And its intense depth, and rarity.

Just gaze deeply at this 3 ctw Cushion Cut Tanzanite Ring with 0.42ctw in 14K White Gold in AAAA Grade. It makes a statement. The wearer of this ring has her life balanced among her roles and will boldly meet every challenge head on to the benefit of her partner and herself. She is no shrinking violet.

3 ctw Cushion Cut Tanzanite Ring

There is also nothing old fashioned about this 1.5ct Trillion Tanzanite Ring With .11ctw Diamonds in 14k White Gold. This is not your grandmother’s engagement ring. The twisted band gives it a trendy look which can fit in well with almost every kind of dress, whether formal or informal

Trillion Tanzanite Ring

Tradition has held that the price range of the ring should equate to three times the groom’s salary. But the article reports such thinking is giving way for more affordable rings to allow for greater funds available for a home.

This .90ct Cushion Tanzanite Ring With .12ctw Diamonds in 14k Yellow Gold fits that bill precisely, at a current mid $500 price range, easily within a month’s salary of today’s hard working Millennial. And as modern as it looks with the wavy curvature of the band if you look closely it has a symbolic (traditional?) impression of two hands holding the gemstone in place.

Cushion Tanzanite Ring

The Vancouver Sun article is an interesting read if you are looking for contemporary insights towards engagement rings. This is a big step in your life, representing a physical embodiment of your commitment to another person. For most, it is a one-time choice and should be made wisely.

tanzanite rings collection

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Celebrities and Tanzanite


Celebrities of the likes of Penelope Cruz, Cate Blanchett  and Teri Hatcher are flashing their tantalizing pieces of tanzanite jewellery.

Do the things change with sparkling blue jewel? Does it really impress? We don’t answer to these questions as celebrities do it for us.



“Penelope Cruz wears beautiful tanzanite and diamond earrings at the premier of her movie Vicki Christina Barcelona”. “Cate Blanchett wears an amazing necklace with a whopping 237 carats of cushion and round cut tanzanite at Cannes.” Teri Hatcher’s emerald cut Tanzanite cocktail ring?”



How crucial it is to leave without the jewelry which has got a lot of stylish appeal amongst your favorite actors & actresses. This rare gem has gained a very rapid appeal amongst elite class & sophisticated luxury class has made it the prime choice for their special occasions. Moreover the combination clothing make-ups & styled foot-wears are also in trend just for this gem. We don’t know how to impede this craze of quality gem lovers, A rare gemstone found only in a single place of the planet has got an ultimate demand & thus even after its high prices the sell has never came down. Here at toptanzanite.com we offer the best crafted Tanzanite Jewelry & loose stones for them who really value the iconic gemstone of the century. Join the league of those who know how special does it feels when you are admired with a sparkling Tanzanite Jewel.

The mauve bluish tone of gem is an expression of thoughtful choice for those who make their own way. They never follow the rules or surrender to readymade patterns rather Tanzanite lovers pave their own path in an extraordinary way. Be the change.

35 Best Celebrity Engagement Rings of All Time

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Love is a timeless and solemn feeling and the first ceremony to get your relationship an official acknowledgement is the ‘Engagement Ceremony’. This is one special day when each and every one of us put hard core efforts to make other feel at the top of the world.

Engagement Ring is a ‘one piece jewel’ which not only makes your loved one feel complete but also has the potential to turn heads around. This one thing never goes out of trend and the exciting and enthralling aspect it maintains can woo your girl to any extent. And if we come to celebrities, there are certain times when they are completely engrossed in wedding fever. Rash of engagements have followed this season where the only thing that caught attention was their 15 carat diamond stunners decked up in their beautiful fingers. These fashionistas have always caught hold on eyes with their captivating gems from expensive rocks to illuminating sparkles. The ring fever has reached to such heights where relationships come and go but this ornament marks its presence in the media and stay there forever making it an anecdote.

These rings are now directly allied to the status symbol of the celebrities. The more expensive and fashionable the ring is, more media and attention it draws from the world.

The royal couple Prince Williams proposed his girlfriend, now wife Kate Middleton with a royal 18 carat Sapphire. The interesting story behind this ring was that it was the same ring which her mother Princess Diana wore when she was engaged to then Prince Charles.

Kate Middleton Ring

Kanye West got designed a 15 carat diamond ring exclusively to propose his fiancé Kim Kardashian to make her feel special on the D-day which was estimated to have cost around $3 million.

kim kardashian wedding ring

Kaley Cuoco also got her finger adorned with a traditional 2.5 carat diamond gifted by her professional tennis player husband Ryan Sweeting.

Kaley's 2.5-carat diamond

Jennifer Aniston also holds attention with her 8 carat diamond ring gifted by her fiancé Justin Theroux.

Jennifer’s 8-carat radiant-cut center diamond

Muse Matthew also surprised his girlfriend Kate Hudson with a huge rock ring worth $200,000 shining on her ring finger.

Kate Hudson

There are certain exhibitionist celebrities displaying their engagement rings in media to grab public’s attention.

celebrities displaying their engagement rings

Jason Sudeikis also proposed Olivia Wilde with an emerald to impress her after a year of dating.

olivia wilde engagement ring

Scarlett Johanson was caught engaged when she was spotted wearing a vintage style diamond stunner gifted by her French journalist husband Romain Dauriac.

Scarlett Johansson Engagement Ring

Christopher French proposed the High School Musical star Ashley Tisdale with a 4 carat emerald cut diamond.

Ashley Tisdale Engaged to Boyfriend Christopher French

The most popular couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie commonly known as ‘Brangelina’ celebrated their special day with an exquisite engagement ring worth of $500,000.

16-carat diamond ring

Most admirable Beyonce was proposed by his forever love Jay-Z with an 18 carat diamond ring costing worth $5 million.

$5 million 18-carat diamond

These are few of the astonishing and whopping engagement rings of celebrities. These rings are eye catchers which always embellish on these beauties being a part of their breathtaking personality.


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Valentine Day – A Mesmerizing Festivity of Love

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February the month of love & affectionate feelings is with strong reasons behind it. It is named after Saint Valentine, now history says there were many saints who carried the same name & they had different attitude towards life. Then why only love is focused? The interesting fact is that one of them was against the rigid law of unmarried soldiers & King Claudius II declared death punishment for the Saint, but he didn’t bothered about it & went against state law allowing many couples to marry in church in his presence and thus died on the way of humanity for true emotions of what young heart’s carry. This great sacrifice remained countable, one more anecdote says that while imprisonment he fell in love with Jailor’s daughter. What so ever is the true fact but the free expressions of love & natural emotion is focused in the whole scenario. That’s why the sacrifice on name of Love by the Holy Saint is celebrated as Valentine Day by uncountable loving couples on the planet.Valentine Day Gifts

Valentine Day GiftSeason for couples to cherish together & enjoy the gorgeous days of February in their own distinctive ways. Girls are interested in a true lover who brings them happiness & is a responsible guy which is much clear from this classy derivation – “Valentine” is derived from Valens i.e. worthy, strong, powerful. It’s the parameter of finding their true Valentine. This season let our team build a bridge for you till her heart. Our experience says that jewelry is something girls love to cherish much. Try proposing her with marvelous Tanzanite Ring fitting her 3rd finger. Be sure you gift her in your own unique expression, as copying someone will definitely lose your naturalistic appeal. Let your gorgeous princess believe in your love. At toptanzanite.com we bring you the classy range of jewelry of Tanzanite crafted in White Gold, Gold & Sterling Silver base in purest ever form. Keeping your expenses in consideration Discounted Jewels for this season of Love is also carried. Explore the best for your lover from our idiosyncratic range. Express with the purity of deep emotions is same selflessness like the Saint who concluded his last note saying “Your Valentine.”

Celebrities Who Love Wearing Tanzanite Jewelry

The legacy continues with high end jewelry of the century. Top notch collection from the foothills of Kilimanjaro has witnessed the celeb class popularity in no time. The Lilac gem poured into smartest form of gorgeousness brings you the pleasure of wearing a jewel like no other. Providing you cream of the crop in the way you never imagined, think like celebs who select the best from the stores of eminent gems.
Celebrities Tanzanite JewelryCelebrities do enjoy their great experiences, and at times on cherished moments do use the remarkable Blue Tanzanite & set a trend for fans. Be amongst those classy people who know the value the adorable jewel wearing and leave behind a glimpse of their beauty. Stylish Shaun Robinson, Kate middleton, Cate Blachett, and Penelope Cruz are amongst those stars who love wearing Tanzanite for their special appearances. Definitely they find it as a righteous step in favor of enhancements of their looks. Feel esteemed in the way superstars enjoy wearing this gem. Be a classy wearer & flaunt your glance. Bright Lilac gem when crafted as a stylish jewel, transforms actually into an astonishing augment for one’s outfits. Exclusivity of gem wearing is understood when one experiences the luxury of Tanzanite Wearing. This Festive season feel special with the gleaming magical revolutionary Blue Nugget of the planet, shine more with Tanzanite.