Black Friday Tip: Sleep Late, Top Tanzanite Has a Deal For You!



Don’t deny it! If you lived on the North American continent at any time over the past 50 years or so, you have been to a Black Friday midnight or 4am or 6am shopping event. Rain, snow, freezing temperatures on the day after Thanksgiving, either as an excited adult or a kid dragged along in hopes of securing a “limited time door buster deal” you were there looking for a special gift.  At Top Tanzanite we say relax, sleep late and check out our own door buster of a deal.


That is the correct price. Only $149 (that is a 75% savings off the already regularly low priced $490)  for AAAA Grade deep blue Natural Tanzanite Stud Earrings. These are 1 Carat total round, 14K White Gold 5mm x 5mm stud earrings!

Desired by many and acquired by few, these rare tanzanite studs will make you feel precious if the gift is for you. Think of how your partner will feel if the gift is for them!

The “most beautiful blue gemstone discovered in 2000 years” is set to perfection in these simple yet stunning pairs of rare AAAA quality tanzanite earrings. The rarest and hardest quality in tanzanite to find.


And yet, this season we are creating something special, something that may just be the perfect gift for you and/or your loved ones. As a trusted source of tanzanite for over 40 years, we are ecstatic to share with you through our offers and designs, our love for one of the most sought after gemstones on Earth.

Treat yourself to something special, unique, rare and infinitely blue. Don’t forget the blue. It is a major visual which people will remember you from a party or meting or just casual encounter.

Here at Top Tanzanite we only use the top 5% quality in tanzanite to design these pair of studs. Therefore supply is limited. Shop with confidence for what you love, knowing that you are buying from the authority in tanzanite jewelry.

The National Retail Federation projected in a pre-holiday survey that an estimated 135.8 million Americans were planning to shop over the Thanksgiving weekend. Don’t fight the crowds to “get more bang for your buck.” Check out this offer click on below image.


Then, please also take the time to browse our catalogue of tanzanite jewelry, styles and colors available at You might find another steal of a deal, and you didn’t even have to leave your couch!

Bracelets that Broadcast Your Single Status

Tanzanite BraceletsBracelets have a big followings these days people don’t admire those heavy jewels or the excessively done make-overs. Whereas the decency has raised its level in the overall emergence, well keeping in mind the trends & versatile demands of simply classy jewel we have produced an eminent range of Bracelets. They are amongst those special wears which easily go with all the dresses, never obstruct other jewels wore at the same time & also stylizes your daily appearances.

Being solitary has so many features which denote their status, bracelet is one of them. Girls who are single wear tennis bracelet as a mark of solitude. With this stylish indication they have developed yet another cute way of depicting the type. Now here at one can celebrate the solitarily, with classy gem crafted into perfection for your fine wrist.

It’s always special to carry a wrist jewel, people admire it from a distance, it suits all the outfits & moreover one never remains unnoticed. Each moment of your hand leaves a remarkable shining gleam in the observer’s eyes. The style has a magnetism which conducts the eye moment of the viewers. Such a classy way to enjoy this soothing solitude, be a part of an elegant wear. Not all on this planet know the charm of solitude, thus we offer a modish range of spectacular Tennis Bracelets for special ones. Come cherish this sweet essence of blue tinge in form a wrist wear.

Jewelry Ideas for this Thanksgiving

Tanzanite StudsExploring the unique way of thank-giving with flowers & chocolates has just got out of fashion. People try to migrate in new directions for expressing their true emotions, but ideal ways have just inserted into little more expensive gifts. Now what if your heart needs more than expensive gift, just that true essence of righteous approach of saying thanks to your loving one. For those quality lovers we have produced a wide range of jewelry for both genders.

It’s not a usual gifting, occasion & ceremonial gifts are ideal & often one has a mind set in accordance to the person you want to gift. But such special emotions are not that very easy to depict, especially when gift is your language. Try out this special emotion sharing with rarest gemstone. Astonishing mauve gem set in vast range of classic jewelry is available for you, one of the best ways of expressing your chaste feelings. Whenever one wish to see that charm in recipient’s eyes its very much necessary that his/her eyes must also be glittered with that gift’s honesty. We ensure you that any jewel made of Tanzanite will be praised & deliberately received with same enthusiasm of the person who is gifting.Tanzanite PendantEntice the gorgeous feel with tantalizing beauty, which furnishes your sense of thankfulness, & pitch soothingly into the recipient’s heart. Chose a unique style for letting them know how obliged you feel with their presence in your life. Unleash the magical glow of Tanzanite Jewels for loved ones.