Engagement Rings Moving Away from Strictly Diamonds,Tanzanite a Favored Option

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tanzanite engagement rings

Traditions are tried and true ways that “everybody has done it in the past.” But, apparently the times, they are a-changing. Modern brides, millennials top among them, are reportedly looking to distance themselves from the traditional look and expense of diamond engagement rings by favoring colored gemstones, and among them is Tanzanite.

The Vancouver Sun recently ran an interesting article, “In loving color: Coloured gemstones, diamonds a hot option for engagement rings” where  Amanda He, founder of the Vancouver-based fine jewelry brand Poppy Finch is quoted as saying “People now value and encourage individualism much more than a decade ago. We want to be who we are, and not be told what we should or shouldn’t be doing ”

Just as a flurry of colors now adorn bridesmaids from one wedding to another based on the personal style of the bride, so to can her engagement ring, something she will obviously wear quite often and as such it should be an expression of herself in today’s world and not a distraction from times gone by.

Tanzanite Jewelry

Tanzanite is perfectly positioned to blend into this brave new world of wedding rings and bands which has become “much more pigmented than it used to be,” as described by the article’s author Aleesha Harris.

Tanzanite is of course, world-renowned for breathtaking tanzanite color, And its intense depth, and rarity.

Just gaze deeply at this 3 ctw Cushion Cut Tanzanite Ring with 0.42ctw in 14K White Gold in AAAA Grade. It makes a statement. The wearer of this ring has her life balanced among her roles and will boldly meet every challenge head on to the benefit of her partner and herself. She is no shrinking violet.

3 ctw Cushion Cut Tanzanite Ring

There is also nothing old fashioned about this 1.5ct Trillion Tanzanite Ring With .11ctw Diamonds in 14k White Gold. This is not your grandmother’s engagement ring. The twisted band gives it a trendy look which can fit in well with almost every kind of dress, whether formal or informal

Trillion Tanzanite Ring

Tradition has held that the price range of the ring should equate to three times the groom’s salary. But the article reports such thinking is giving way for more affordable rings to allow for greater funds available for a home.

This .90ct Cushion Tanzanite Ring With .12ctw Diamonds in 14k Yellow Gold fits that bill precisely, at a current mid $500 price range, easily within a month’s salary of today’s hard working Millennial. And as modern as it looks with the wavy curvature of the band if you look closely it has a symbolic (traditional?) impression of two hands holding the gemstone in place.

Cushion Tanzanite Ring

The Vancouver Sun article is an interesting read if you are looking for contemporary insights towards engagement rings. This is a big step in your life, representing a physical embodiment of your commitment to another person. For most, it is a one-time choice and should be made wisely.

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Tanzanite Ring
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