35 Best Celebrity Engagement Rings of All Time

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Love is a timeless and solemn feeling and the first ceremony to get your relationship an official acknowledgement is the ‘Engagement Ceremony’. This is one special day when each and every one of us put hard core efforts to make other feel at the top of the world.

Engagement Ring is a ‘one piece jewel’ which not only makes your loved one feel complete but also has the potential to turn heads around. This one thing never goes out of trend and the exciting and enthralling aspect it maintains can woo your girl to any extent. And if we come to celebrities, there are certain times when they are completely engrossed in wedding fever. Rash of engagements have followed this season where the only thing that caught attention was their 15 carat diamond stunners decked up in their beautiful fingers. These fashionistas have always caught hold on eyes with their captivating gems from expensive rocks to illuminating sparkles. The ring fever has reached to such heights where relationships come and go but this ornament marks its presence in the media and stay there forever making it an anecdote.

These rings are now directly allied to the status symbol of the celebrities. The more expensive and fashionable the ring is, more media and attention it draws from the world.

The royal couple Prince Williams proposed his girlfriend, now wife Kate Middleton with a royal 18 carat Sapphire. The interesting story behind this ring was that it was the same ring which her mother Princess Diana wore when she was engaged to then Prince Charles.

Kate Middleton Ring

Kanye West got designed a 15 carat diamond ring exclusively to propose his fiancé Kim Kardashian to make her feel special on the D-day which was estimated to have cost around $3 million.

kim kardashian wedding ring

Kaley Cuoco also got her finger adorned with a traditional 2.5 carat diamond gifted by her professional tennis player husband Ryan Sweeting.

Kaley's 2.5-carat diamond

Jennifer Aniston also holds attention with her 8 carat diamond ring gifted by her fiancé Justin Theroux.

Jennifer’s 8-carat radiant-cut center diamond

Muse Matthew also surprised his girlfriend Kate Hudson with a huge rock ring worth $200,000 shining on her ring finger.

Kate Hudson

There are certain exhibitionist celebrities displaying their engagement rings in media to grab public’s attention.

celebrities displaying their engagement rings

Jason Sudeikis also proposed Olivia Wilde with an emerald to impress her after a year of dating.

olivia wilde engagement ring

Scarlett Johanson was caught engaged when she was spotted wearing a vintage style diamond stunner gifted by her French journalist husband Romain Dauriac.

Scarlett Johansson Engagement Ring

Christopher French proposed the High School Musical star Ashley Tisdale with a 4 carat emerald cut diamond.

Ashley Tisdale Engaged to Boyfriend Christopher French

The most popular couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie commonly known as ‘Brangelina’ celebrated their special day with an exquisite engagement ring worth of $500,000.

16-carat diamond ring

Most admirable Beyonce was proposed by his forever love Jay-Z with an 18 carat diamond ring costing worth $5 million.

$5 million 18-carat diamond

These are few of the astonishing and whopping engagement rings of celebrities. These rings are eye catchers which always embellish on these beauties being a part of their breathtaking personality.


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14 Common Misconceptions about Sterling

Having an affordable piece of jewelry is the need of today’s fashion conscious world. To meet the need, it is sterling silver that comes to limelight. This is a strong metal that takes birth from the combination of silver with copper, or nickel, or zinc, or even geranium. In this, the percentage of silver metal is 92.5; while that of other metal is 7.5 percent. As pure silver is known to be soft in nature and not fit for commercial production, it becomes necessary to mingle it with other metals for a stronger foundation. This creates an opportunity for the jewelers to manufacture affordable piece of jewelry and enable people to look good. Still, there are 14 common misconceptions about sterling that people have in mind.

  1. Going as per the name, people think that sterling silver is pure silver. But, it is nothing like this as the silver metal is mingled with other metals for strengthening it.
  1. It is generally thought that silver can be cleansed easily with anything. But, it should be noted that using mild cleaning liquids is preferable. Generally, strong liquids can harm a sterling silver piece of jewelry and a mild one should be diluted in water for effective usage.

    Sterling Silver Pear Stud

    Sterling Silver Pear Stud

  1. Using any kind of brush is not recommended for cleaning sterling piece of jewelry because only soft bristles can help a person to take out dust from the jewelry piece without scratching it.
  1. Indeed, cleaning or wiping it with anything or may be any kind of cloth is not good. You should use soft cotton clothes to wipe it gently for restoring the shine. Even, the jewelers that sell silver jewelry would give you soft silver cleaning cloth piece.
  1. Now, storing it is an issue because people think that silvers are not subject to wear and tear. They can be kept in anything or even in polythene bags. The best method to keep a sterling silver piece of jewelry is to wrap it in cotton and keep in a well fitted box for a longer life.
  1. Another common misconception about sterling silver jewelry is that the “925” mark on them is taken to be hallmark. While, it is just a mark to state that it is a sterling silver piece of jewelry and nothing else.
  1. People think that sterling silver is pure and will not be tarnished at all. With the passing of time, this art piece is subject to tarnishing; especially, candle stands or platters that are frequently touched and subject to accumulation of dust.
  1. It is a general misconception that gifting silver on 25th wedding anniversary is thought to be auspicious as it is known “silver jubilee” anniversary. There is nothing like this and can be gifted on any occasion.

    Sterling Silver Emerald Cut

    Sterling Silver Emerald Cut

  1. Well, silver buyers think that soaking it in the cleaning liquid will hamper its polish and appeal. However, soaking the silver piece of jewelry for specified time period augments its beauty and luster.
  1. It is said that silver represents calmness and retains piece of mind. Though, it is a metal with cold nature; but, there is no relation with its maintaining a piece of mind.
  1. Ideally, silver platted jewelry should not be taken as pure silver art piece. Though, the amount of silver present in that will be same as that of sterling. But, it is in a very thin state and can wear off on polishing more than thrice.
  1. Sterling silver is just an alloy of purest form of silver and not to be mistaken with proper silver.
  1. Sterling silver can subject to tarnish on its surface as compared to pure silver that remains strong in constant contact with air or water.
  1. Sterling piece of jewelry requires exclusive maintenance for a long lasting life and should not be mishandled.

Why We Love rings and You Should Too

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1.00 Carat Oval Tanzanite Ring in 14k Yellow GoldSomething that holds your finger in a stylish manner is always appreciated. This is nothing; but, a designer ring that looks wonderful. It is a piece of ornament that creates a magical feeling in the heart of the wearer.

The rings are preferred because of their capability of beautifying your hands. They are available in numerous designs that allow buyers to select them as per requirements. Indeed, the jewelry market has a special place for rings because they do not require occasion for exhibiting exotic designs. Though, some are pointed as meant for special functions like that of engagement rings. These rings are exotic in appeal and have large gemstones surrounded by smaller ones.

Ideally, you will find tanzanite, emerald, ruby, sapphire, and solitaire diamond used for designing some of the most beautiful designs. This is why we love rings and you should too. Indeed, engagement is a special occasion that requires the best piece of ring for your better half. So, the design matters a lot. It is excellent to get a trendy ring overlapped with ethnicity for creating an aura.
0.30 Carat Round Tanzanite Ring in 14k Yellow Gold
The rings are an important part of jewelry that brings smile on the face of a wearer. Each and every rings speaks of different feelings to the person it has been gifted. Talking about engagement ones, it is the best example of eternal love for each other. This kind of ring is designed ethnically with a touch of classiness. Generally, such designs are unique and uses best quality gemstones for enhancing their beauty.

On the other hand, rings that have to be gifted on valentines days are designed in a modernistic approach. They make use of smaller gemstones or diamonds in artistic designs to allow them for impressing their lady loves. This is the reason why we love rings and you should too. Such piece of jewellery are liked for their affordability and exotic beauty. It depends on the choice that works towards strengthening relationships between the love birds.
0.22 Carat Oval Tanzanite Ring in 14k White Gold
In the category of rings, you can check out couple rings that are meant for people in true love or have been married. It is the best gift as design of the rings are exactly same and bear initials of the couples. Indeed, some of the couple rings also bear “I love you” on the inner side of the ring base. These types of rings are reasonably priced; depending on the kind and size of gemstone used in it.

There are various reason as to why we love rings and you should too. It is because they are available in uncountable designs and are considered optimum for gifting purpose. Apart from these occasions, you can also gift a ring to your beloved wife on anniversary. Indeed, anniversary is the time that you love each other more than the past year and promise to be together always. So, a diamond ring is suitable for stamping your true love.

The rings are an important part of jewelry masterpieces. With the developing technology and artistry, jewelry designers are coming up with newer designs that are enough to impress anyone. It is necessary to get the best product from reputable jeweller because of the presence of certain jewelers, which might dupe you with fake diamonds or gemstones. After all, you would be paying specified amount out of your pocket to buy a gift and it should be authentic to maintain the integrity level of your feelings.

10 Quick Tips About Diamonds

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Diamonds are and will always be a perfect option to attract woman. Its alluring shine is enough to dazzle the viewers and let them praise it. The market for diamonds have been on a constant rise. But, it is better to buy them carefully as fake diamonds are also seen scattered around the market to dupe you. Below are 10 quick tips about diamonds that will give insight into the real world of diamond shopping.


  1. Looking for an exotic diamond shape is essential because of its quality level. And if it is decorated with smaller gemstones or diamonds around them; then, the beauty gets doubled. Some of the most famous ones are Marquise, Asscher, Princess, Emerald shape, and even rounds. Indeed, the shape is quite important as it decides the overall look of a jewelry piece.Diamond cuts
  2. Another important aspect of diamond buying is paying attention to its cuts. The more cuts a diamond will have, the higher quality it is. This is the reason that GIA cut grading scale is getting essential to measure the quality. One should always go for diamonds that are rated very good or excellent on this scale. After all, you would be investing in such beautiful stones and should have better quality ones.
    Diamond Cuts
  3. An important part of 10 quick tips about diamonds is taking certification for these stones. A diamond jewelry accompanied with a certificate is always considered authentic. Indeed, they will have description about the exact weight of diamonds and their clarity level. This will give you an idea about the authenticity of the price charged for that jewelry piece.
  4. The color of a diamond matters a lot as it affects the overall appeal of the jewelry. In this category, D is the most flawless and white colored diamond that dazzles look magnificent. On the other hand E and F are also in whitish tone as seen with naked eyes. While, the G to H color has tints of yellow that are not visible much and I to J will always have yellowish appeal. It is always better to know about diamonds before buying as you may not get trapped by jewelers and pay more for a lesser quality diamond.
    Diamond Colors
  5. The weight of the diamond matters a lot as it decides the price. It is important to have a complete detail about the carat weight of the diamond as it will give an idea about the rates that have been charged for it.
  6. Now, clarity is another thing has marked the reputation of this exotic gemstone. It is better to have diamonds that are measured as VS or VVS on the clarity scale because they are known to be brilliant creations.
    Diamond Jewelry
  7. If you have the perfect diamond and do not get a creative design that represents modern trends; then, having them will not reap any benefit. The setting of the diamond is equally important as compared with its clarity level. Certainly, designs should be like this that they fetch appreciation.
  8. Having a diamond with an 8 heart and arrow patterns is like having an ideal masterpiece. On seeing them through the lens from above, you can identify 8 arrows; while, checking them from down, you can identify 8 hearts. This kind of diamond is being cut with much finesse and is the best among all in the market.
    Diamond Jewlery
  9. The associated metal used in supporting diamond also matters a lot because its strength of holding diamonds decides the length of fixed pieces. However, these beautiful gemstones are best suited for gold of 14karat and 18karat. Apart from this, they can also be used in platinum, which is stronger than gold.
  10. Buying a diamond jewelry is a passion for woman as it enhances their overall looks. The fascination level is so much that one might skip the chance of accessing an authentic jeweler. With the availability of fake diamonds in the market, it is necessary to go for a reputed jeweler’s holding certificate of registration from a well know association.

It is the most precious stone that has managed to carve a niche for itself in the jewelry market. From its origin around Godavari, Krishna, and Penner rivers in India around 6000 years back, it has been cut and polished for modifying to different shapes. With rich history of diamonds, giving it as a gift is the best option for people.

Valentine Day – A Mesmerizing Festivity of Love

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February the month of love & affectionate feelings is with strong reasons behind it. It is named after Saint Valentine, now history says there were many saints who carried the same name & they had different attitude towards life. Then why only love is focused? The interesting fact is that one of them was against the rigid law of unmarried soldiers & King Claudius II declared death punishment for the Saint, but he didn’t bothered about it & went against state law allowing many couples to marry in church in his presence and thus died on the way of humanity for true emotions of what young heart’s carry. This great sacrifice remained countable, one more anecdote says that while imprisonment he fell in love with Jailor’s daughter. What so ever is the true fact but the free expressions of love & natural emotion is focused in the whole scenario. That’s why the sacrifice on name of Love by the Holy Saint is celebrated as Valentine Day by uncountable loving couples on the planet.Valentine Day Gifts

Valentine Day GiftSeason for couples to cherish together & enjoy the gorgeous days of February in their own distinctive ways. Girls are interested in a true lover who brings them happiness & is a responsible guy which is much clear from this classy derivation – “Valentine” is derived from Valens i.e. worthy, strong, powerful. It’s the parameter of finding their true Valentine. This season let our team build a bridge for you till her heart. Our experience says that jewelry is something girls love to cherish much. Try proposing her with marvelous Tanzanite Ring fitting her 3rd finger. Be sure you gift her in your own unique expression, as copying someone will definitely lose your naturalistic appeal. Let your gorgeous princess believe in your love. At toptanzanite.com we bring you the classy range of jewelry of Tanzanite crafted in White Gold, Gold & Sterling Silver base in purest ever form. Keeping your expenses in consideration Discounted Jewels for this season of Love is also carried. Explore the best for your lover from our idiosyncratic range. Express with the purity of deep emotions is same selflessness like the Saint who concluded his last note saying “Your Valentine.”

Surprise her with the Fragrance of roses and Glamour of Tanzanite Jewelry

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Tanzanite jewelry

Rose Day

Tanzanite gifting has been prominently elaborated itself in different segments of life. Especially in this loving season, one can be very much sure about his valentine by presenting her a marvelous Blue gem with a Red Rose. The exceptionally well crafted fine Tanzanite gems from the foothills of Kilimanjaro are available in different jewels for your loved one. One can go through gorgeous Pendants, Loving Rings, stylish Bracelets, shimmering Studs & plausible Earrings patterns to make her realize how sophisticated feelings he carries for her. Bring her the ecstasy of being special with classy gem tied with a loving Rose adoring her beauty through such distinctive gifts. Love is in the air.

Get the Unique Solitaire Ring


Tanzanite RingWearing a ring does signify a lot about one’s psychology, its style, look, pattern do define something about your personality. That’s the reason one tries to be very precise about choice & behaves uncomfortable if the style doesn’t suits. It’s because people opt from the variety of rings available in the market but special ones know the value of Solitaire Rings. These Rings are dominated with a single gem & molded in style for all those who love to be very specific about their selection. Here at toptanzanite.com the Tanzanite lovers can explore their type of Solitaire Tanzanite Ring from the Range of Rings.

This Ring has a special orientation of well crafted Tanzanite, the alluring sensational gem of the century. When the sleek-curvy moldings of White Gold hold the tantalizing Tanzanite in the stylish pattern then the grace enhances to a lovable extent. Blue has a classy appeal, resembling vastness of the infinite sky & deep oceans. Beautiful nature has the same essence of blue-mauve hue in it, which is when crafted to perfection as a Solitaire Ring, brings you the eulogized respect in mob of ordinary gems. For those special beings that have their own standards, have an elegant choice, the Solitaire Tanzanite Ring is the unquestionable choice for them.Tanzanite Solitaire RingsHere at toptanzanite.com we ensure you the best craftsmanship of Tanzanite, the flawless beauty of this astonishing gem specially designed in the blissful manner for the Solitaire Rings. One can choose from the different shapes & sizes of Tanzanite available in here, & select the preferable out of them. Solitaire has its own beauty & keen observers know the actual essence of wearing Solitaire Ring. The exclusive collection of “Solitaire Tanzanite Rings” for those confident ones who make their own path.

Why to Choose Tanzanite Rings Over Diamond Rings


Tanzanite RingJoviality has a new definition these days, rarest & very unique are in priority. Each one needs to be a little different & mark own identity in an endless crowd. So with changing phase of trend, jewel also needs be amended, here with Tanzanite’s beauty be distinguished from those ordinary wears.

Diamond has a very stylish approach & is available in vastness throughout the world, but on the contrary Tanzanite is very rarest, has a very unique hue, found only at a single place. Well this is not the single reason to buy this majestic gem, it is significant that Tanzanite has gained a tremendous demand in gem’s world in no time. All the major dealers of gem are peeping into Tanzanite circulations & are keen in investing due to its raising demand all over the quality lovers. Foothills of Kilimanjaro has got the ultimate treasure of this planet, the discovery of Tanzanite has made this excavation a happening place for gemology. The unmatched beauty of mauve-bluish gem has fascinated the jewel market.

Moreover the Tanzanite has been recognized as an ultimate discovery & declared to be December Birthstone in less than 50 years. For any gemstone this is very short interlude to reach the pinnacle of popularity, not even Diamond did that. One can be confident while buying the Tanzanite Rings over Diamond & proving the classy taste of jewels. We at toptanzanite.com provide you the best excavations with variety of Tanzanite Rings. The rarest gem of planet needs an extra care while grooming it to the final shape & form, & thus we assure the best at an affordable price.

For those special moments which will not repeat themselves in this life, Tanzanite Ring is the best choice for you. Express the amazing feeling of love in a regal way.

Majestic Trillion Shape Tanzanite

Trillion TanzaniteVisual language was the first medium of interaction on this planet & thus it is impactful even today & will survive till eternity. Very first look do makes an impression that lasts long, the attraction, style, simplicity or the body language all of them are personable feature. Here at toptanzanite.com we do offer the quality Trillion Shape Tanzanite for the royal sense of dignity & stylish appeal for wearer. How so ever the modest personalities have a thought that this wearing may lead their modesty to the sense of ultra modernism but Trillion Tanzanite has an elegant appeal as well which reflects simply classy style.

Trillion TanzaniteWhen this triangular shaped gleaming Trillion gemstone is mounted on the glittering Golden ring it gives an imperial feel, & one becomes center of attraction in no time. The grandiose beauty of Trillion Tanzanite allures all eyes and your classy picking is appreciated right through the party. Let joy elevate with this royal gem, & be amongst the wise pickers.

Trillion TanzaniteThe unique craftsmanship of this Tanzanite creates an intangible form inside its shiny surface. Feel the magic of this abstract mechanism of shade, & captivate the heart of loving being with an absolute beauty. Trillion Tanzanite when wore as Studs do give an incredible look to the wearer, the confidence & the supremacy is very much visible with this stylized gemstone. Righteous way to depict one’s individuality & create own style statement. Trillion is a classy wear with an enormous gleaming glimpse for the majestic style of your own. Toptanzanite.com do helps you in selecting from a wide range of Trillion cut Tanzanite’s jewelry, with versatile approach on different moods of life. Explore yourself with internal melody of Tanzanite.