Make Valentine’s Day Even More Special with Tanzanite

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Valentine’s Day gift giving on February 14th is a tradition. And traditionally the gift is either a simple card and chocolates, flowers, or a cute teddy bear. Why not honor the tradition but put an extra special twist this year to show her you care with the gift that most certainly does keep on giving, the Gift of Tanzanite.

A card will be put away in a drawer. Chocolates will either melt or be eaten. Flowers can be pressed & saved but most likely wilt and be thrown away. And Teddy will sit on a chair or between the pillows. But your Tanzanite gift will be worn at many special occasions for days, weeks, months and years to come. Always remembered. Always on display.

Valentine Day Gift Idea

For example, look closely at this  .78ct Round Tanzanite Ring with 4ctw Diamonds in 14k Rose Gold. Observe how the rose gold merges with the diamonds in the setting. Just as you two have combined your love. It is represented by the ring.

Round Tanzanite Ring

But, what if the relationship has only just begun and perhaps a ring might be considered too forward at this juncture? Tanzanite is one of fine jewelry’s most adaptable gemstones. Consider this .45ct Trillion Tanzanite Pendant With .024ctw Diamonds in 925 Sterling Silver

Trillion Tanzanite Pendant

Perfect for a dinner date, but not so overbearing that it could not be worn at the office or to give her business attire just that extra bit of kick to keep all eyes on her during the monthly staff meeting.

Or, for the same reasoning, you might opt for these .70ctw Trillion Tanzanite Earrings with .048ctw Diamonds in 925 Sterling Silver.Instead of the bold, powerful Tanzanite blue, there is a more subtle, lighter hue. It lends itself to a less formal wardrobe, and an array of colors as such would be worn in a work environment. Plainly spoken, to the object of your affection, it says, “Hey, I like you,” without  “coming on too strong.”

Trillion Tanzanite Earring

According to the Statisticbrain website, the average annual Valentine’s Day spending is a little over $13 billion. That includes 180 million cards and 198 million roses.

Here at TopTanzanite, we wish to help you stand out from the crowd of guys with cards and roses, perhaps even from the last partner of your true love and give her something extra special this year. As romantic as a ring, as personal as a pendant, as easy as earrings.

Tanzanite Jewelry

Just fill in the parameters of your interests on our selection-friendly on-line catalog (or just browse, you have time) at . Whatever message you wish to convey, Tanzanite fine jewelry will make February 14th and every day after that a day that you will be fondly remembered.

Valentine Day – A Mesmerizing Festivity of Love

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February the month of love & affectionate feelings is with strong reasons behind it. It is named after Saint Valentine, now history says there were many saints who carried the same name & they had different attitude towards life. Then why only love is focused? The interesting fact is that one of them was against the rigid law of unmarried soldiers & King Claudius II declared death punishment for the Saint, but he didn’t bothered about it & went against state law allowing many couples to marry in church in his presence and thus died on the way of humanity for true emotions of what young heart’s carry. This great sacrifice remained countable, one more anecdote says that while imprisonment he fell in love with Jailor’s daughter. What so ever is the true fact but the free expressions of love & natural emotion is focused in the whole scenario. That’s why the sacrifice on name of Love by the Holy Saint is celebrated as Valentine Day by uncountable loving couples on the planet.Valentine Day Gifts

Valentine Day GiftSeason for couples to cherish together & enjoy the gorgeous days of February in their own distinctive ways. Girls are interested in a true lover who brings them happiness & is a responsible guy which is much clear from this classy derivation – “Valentine” is derived from Valens i.e. worthy, strong, powerful. It’s the parameter of finding their true Valentine. This season let our team build a bridge for you till her heart. Our experience says that jewelry is something girls love to cherish much. Try proposing her with marvelous Tanzanite Ring fitting her 3rd finger. Be sure you gift her in your own unique expression, as copying someone will definitely lose your naturalistic appeal. Let your gorgeous princess believe in your love. At we bring you the classy range of jewelry of Tanzanite crafted in White Gold, Gold & Sterling Silver base in purest ever form. Keeping your expenses in consideration Discounted Jewels for this season of Love is also carried. Explore the best for your lover from our idiosyncratic range. Express with the purity of deep emotions is same selflessness like the Saint who concluded his last note saying “Your Valentine.”

Surprise her with the Fragrance of roses and Glamour of Tanzanite Jewelry

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Tanzanite jewelry

Rose Day

Tanzanite gifting has been prominently elaborated itself in different segments of life. Especially in this loving season, one can be very much sure about his valentine by presenting her a marvelous Blue gem with a Red Rose. The exceptionally well crafted fine Tanzanite gems from the foothills of Kilimanjaro are available in different jewels for your loved one. One can go through gorgeous Pendants, Loving Rings, stylish Bracelets, shimmering Studs & plausible Earrings patterns to make her realize how sophisticated feelings he carries for her. Bring her the ecstasy of being special with classy gem tied with a loving Rose adoring her beauty through such distinctive gifts. Love is in the air.

Love for her

Cutie-pie of your lifetime has to be an adorable one amongst the beautiful ladies. Thus Tanzanite’s shimmering style assists your sweet-heart to go even more gorgeous than ever & the feeling she gets with this rare gem wearing is unpredictable. Here is a true tale of Andrew & Susan. The weekend party at Rhone’s place actually charges up Andrew, Michel, Bob & Richard, its time when they chat a lot, booze, go on long drives & end up at Rhone’s place eating, dancing & fun all the night. Its Thursday evening 5.30 no calls yet, suddenly phone rang, Andrew rushed this was Richard Brown next side, “heya Andiee !! Its gonna be fun tomorrow, 2 of my friends & a cousin are joining in the party, be there” Andrew said “Woa sounds gr8 will pick Bob n hit on right time.” Finally the Friday evening is here, Bob contacted Andrew & they packed up car with drinks, food stuff & rushed to Rhone’s place. Richard was already there with Maria, Susaan & Aneliz . Bob & Andrew welcomed them to the party & carried on with puddings, cake & wine glasses in hand initialing the loud music. But the glittering Blue Tanzanite in Susan’s ears was again & again stop Andrew’s eyes on her.

Tanzanite Ring

He started observing her, went closer her beautiful eyes, the way she spoke, her dressing, her smile. He seemed very curious to know her, as the night grew darker, Andrew went to Susan, they had a word she was a Psychology Honor’s student . Music was loud enough he couldn’t talk to her easily. But her glimpse, her jewels, her accent, & the way she was looking at him were alluring Andrew to an endless extent. Very late Night dinner was more of silent observing & sharing of emotions through eyes, with very gloomy music on saxophone. In the morning all went off. Andrew, Bob, Richard & Michel were left in the house of Rhone. Andrew was not able to forget her glance & the curiosity in her eyes. He went with Richard to know more about her, coincidentally, she was also interested in joining the party again on next weekend.

Excitement charged up but certainly she refused to Richard & had no contact for a week or so. Andrew was also disappointed, he came to know about her engagement ceremony was canceled as the guy cheated him. Andrew couldn’t stop himself & went to her place with Richard. Very surprisingly he offered her a Tanzanite Ring to begin a new life with him. Richard was shocked, even Susan was but Andrew was damn sure about the decision which his heart took. Susan was speechless, Andrew went closer, just looked into her eyes & said “Your eyes depth is unmatchable to any gem on this planet, you are the most beautiful & even then I think Tanzanite will help defining my heart’s feelings for you, please accept me.” Susan was crying & couldn’t answer she hugged him. She whispered “You are rarest & pure at heart as the gift you have got, how come you know it’s my favorite?” Andie replied “ I observed your classy choice on that weekend peeping through curls on your ears!” Richard, was not able to believe what his friend just did.

Emotional moments settled down, now the Tanzanite was shimmering in her finger. Her aunty & cousins were called on Friday night get together. There began the Grand Party of engagement of Andrew & Susan with a promise of never letting her go. Like always, Tanzanite Ring again proved its worth on the ground of trust, choice & true love.