Do’s & Don’ts For Engagement Ring Shopping 2017

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Nearly three million engagements, with or without the typical “down on one knee, will you marry me” scenario, are played out in America alone every year. Any men’s who has gone through that will tell you the proposal was the easy part compared to selecting the RIGHT engagement ring which can be much more complicated and potentially stressful.



Here at TopTanzanite we do everything to make you ring purchase journey as uneventful as possible, including producing the annual Tanzanite Engagement Ring: The Handy Guide Before Your Buy..

Set up your price ceiling! While we love tradition as much as anyone in the business, we say DON’T hold to that age-old three-month’s salary rule as a yardstick to measure the right ring. Grooms DO buy what you can afford. But DON’T ignore compromising on certain aspects, like the metal of the band if that helps with the pricing, a Tanzanite yellow gold ring is much more affordable than platinum. According to The, the average amount spent on a ring in 2014 was $5,855, an increase of roughly $250 over 2013. Your lady-fair may be worth that and more– but she may not want you spending that much.oval-tanzanite-ring  we love the tradition of engagement rings, and asking the parents for permission to marry daughter, and having big weddings, etc. but some traditions are flexible, such as taking three months to check out rings. You know, drive from one jewelry store to another, from one mall to another; a lot of weeknight or weekend dates used up. We aren’t alone: approximately 60% of brides and grooms are now saying they DO their ring-buying research online instead. And why wouldn’t they? Look at the selection of rings we have within our user-friendly on-line catalog.


But, if you are going to jewelry stores, remember the famous line from the TV show Who Wants to be a Millionaire and DO “phone a friend.” Ask what jewelry stores they have heard good and bad things about. Check with your local Better Business Bureau. DON’T forget to ask about the store’s policy on resizing and returns just in case “DON’T like it” is her response.

To avoid the last scenario, DO phone more than a friend. Contact relatives as well, to get tips and insights to your lady love’s interests. Does she like antique items? Or items with a wicked twist? Has she ever spoken of the type of ring she would like to have?

And the easiest way to DO this, is through an evolving tradition where couples are now looking together rather than leaving it all up to the groom to be.Now all you have to DO is select stone shape, ring setting, type of metal band (we offer yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold), and ring size. Don’t worry about selecting alone; we have experienced customer service reps who will gladly walk you through these steps.oval-tanzanite-ring In preparation, just as you might do car research in reference to horsepower and miles per gallon, DO take the time to read up on the four Cs: Cut, color, carat (weight), and clarity of gemstones.

If you did your homework on the 4Cs, you will learn that your Tanzanite gemstone is a delicate work of art & nature, and as such can be bruised easily or worse even, cracked. It is in your best interests that you DO NOT wear it when being active such as washing dishes, working with machines, etc. DO set aside a padded ring box to keep your Tanzanite ring from being scratched by any of your other rings.

round-shape-tanzanite-ringOne more thing, about the ring. DO think about custom rings. DON’T pass on a gemstone shape or setting because it wasn’t already combined. You can make it. It’s your engagement ring. Custom does not mean expensive.

After all is said and done, there is one more point, which actually is something you should DO as soon as you purchase a Tanzanite engagement ring (or even if you select another gemstone for that matter) and that is to insure the jewelry. Not to wish ill on you, but damage, theft or loss are realities of life and you need to protect your investment. And looking at this Tanzanite ring, it is beautiful, but it also an investment.round-tanzanite-ring is a world leader in Tanzanite. From our collection of loose stones in all shapes and sizes to our complete jewelry collection with a design sure to fit every style, we are the best stop for all things Tanzanite. We involve ourselves at every step in the journey of Tanzanite, from mining, cutting, and polishing, all the way to setting in jewelry. And because of this our vast on line collection of fine Tanzanite gemstone and Tanzanite jewelry come at unbelievable prices.

But large quantities and lower prices do not mean that we compromise on quality. We shall never betray our customers. We carry a very rigorous procedure for quality control at all the stages of manufacturing to ensure that the best quality is delivered.We invite you to see for yourself by exploring our catalog at

Five gift choices on father’s Day


Some fathers are super easy to shop for –a pair of cuff-links, a good book or a tie and you’re all set for June 16th. Others are a bit harder to please and require creative thinking. Here is a father’s day gift guide that might help ease your mind on what to give your dad on this special day.

Honoring fathers around the world, Father’s Day was first celebrated in the United States as a counterpart to Mother’s Day to revel in the joys of paternal relationships. It became concrete in 1910, founded in Washington by Sonora Dodd in honor of her war veteran father. Like other holidays, Father’s day was promoted by companies that directly benefited from such a concept – makers of ties, tobacco pipes etc.

When we think of men, especially our fathers, there is an inevitable list of things – usually falling under the categories of clothing, gadgets and tools – which with a little bit of personalization work beautifully as a Father’s day gift.

Father's Day Gift Ideas

Five Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Clothing is always an ideal choice – pick a shirt, a tie to go with it if your dad tends to dress formally, and add a Father’s day jewelry gift of cuff-links. He’ll be so pleased there’s a good chance you’ll succeed in making him dress up and come out to celebrate!

I bet you know your dad well enough to know if he’s the kind who loves his electronics or usually screams at his computer for eating up his mail. If it’s the latter, then steer far away from gifting him gadgets, but in case he’d love a Kindle to delve into his passion for reading or spice up his laptop with a brand new set of headphones and a Bluetooth mouse then you have it easy – for a man loves nothing more than to be given a new toy; at any age.

If your father isn’t the kind who appreciates electronics and thinks poorly of gadgets – k=go old school. Remind him of his childhood, or of the time he used his tools from the shed to fix all the knick knacks in the house and even build you a few things. Go buy him an antique tool set or one that he’s missing now and lead him down memory lane.

The same pampering habit of fathers’ goes for outdoor supplies like a barbeque – they love feeling wanted and showing off a little in front of the fire! Surprise him out on the patio with a lovely new hamburger grill and you’re sure to win him over and even get a delicious dinner out of it!

The last is not a very obvious choice, but it’s always nice to add a touch of sentimentality, so to the list of Father’s day 2014 gifts, you may want to add a gold ring – touched up to look antique if he isn’t the kind who likes the shine – and engrave in a memory you shared, a quote you know he’d love or an inside joke which will make him smile. If he isn’t the kind who wears rings but is instead religious, get him a Greek cross pendant which he can cherish – go for something gold or white gold with a simple engraving and not too much sparkle – he’ll sure be touched!

Impress Your Loved One With These Exclusive Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Planning for a grand engagement ceremony?

How about making it more special with some extraordinary arrangements OR gifting your better half with a rare piece of Princess cut diamond engagement ring?

If all your above answers are YES, then you’ve landed at a right place which would certainly cater you apt suggestions to make your engagement ceremony not only memorable but an event to cherish throughout your life.

The most important ritual during this occasion is exchanging of the engagement rings which not only make you feel special but also connected to your partner throughout the life.

So guys, keep your front foot forward to awestruck the lady of your love with these exquisite and stunning Princess cut diamond rings for a classic and timeless feel.

Clawed from all the four sides, the ring looks eccentric and renders a timeless feel to the occasion. It’s a single studded stone carved in a metal of your choice, more preferably yellow or white gold. It looks extremely elegant and classic with a twisted style of band that gives it a slightly trendy look.

Diamond Engagement Ring

If you are looking for some classic and contemporary touch in your engagement ceremony, this ring could be the perfect choice as it gives a complete vintage appearance encrusted with a series of small diamonds with a single princess cut diamond etched in the center.

This stunning ring can be easily customized as per the customer’s choice. Beautifully stacked chain of diamonds with a splendid princess cut diamond incised at the center renders it a marvelous look when worn into delicate fingers. It can definitely make your engagement ceremony memorable.

If you are a bit glittery and jazzy in your choice, go for this sparkling ring that can add a character to the ceremony. The trilogy diamond ring incised into princess cut renders a shimmering look in the ambiance of the occasion.

If your spouse prefers contemporary and a decent style, this ring could perfectly go with her choice and add personality to the character. It’s simple yet elegant, hemmed with the metal making it look more sophisticated.

A completely traditional and conventional look can be given to the ceremony with this classic ring. Fixed into yellow gold, it gives a timeless feel to the occasion making the ambiance rich in culture and traditions.

princess cut diamond ring

Set your own style with this aquamarine and princess cut diamond rings engraved in a white gold band making it look trendy and stylish. It goes well with every theme and preferably when your loved one wishes to stay in vogue.

This ring will certainly hold everyone’s attention with its divine glitter illuminating in the love ambiance of the event. With lots of sparkle of small diamonds encrusting a grand princess cut diamond suspended in platinum renders it a gorgeous stunning look.

If you want to gift a rare piece of solitaire diamond to your loved one, this ring could serve as the best option that will be cherished by her throughout the life. It would be highly suggested if she is a big time fashionista.

If you want to have a blend of contemporary and modern style, this ring serves as the perfect example. It looks extremely dazzling with 4 princess cut diamonds clawed with white gold. Few diamonds etched on the band renders it a sumptuous appearance.

Thus, try out these sublime and pleasing styles of princess cut diamond rings to make your D-Day momentous.

35 Best Celebrity Engagement Rings of All Time

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Love is a timeless and solemn feeling and the first ceremony to get your relationship an official acknowledgement is the ‘Engagement Ceremony’. This is one special day when each and every one of us put hard core efforts to make other feel at the top of the world.

Engagement Ring is a ‘one piece jewel’ which not only makes your loved one feel complete but also has the potential to turn heads around. This one thing never goes out of trend and the exciting and enthralling aspect it maintains can woo your girl to any extent. And if we come to celebrities, there are certain times when they are completely engrossed in wedding fever. Rash of engagements have followed this season where the only thing that caught attention was their 15 carat diamond stunners decked up in their beautiful fingers. These fashionistas have always caught hold on eyes with their captivating gems from expensive rocks to illuminating sparkles. The ring fever has reached to such heights where relationships come and go but this ornament marks its presence in the media and stay there forever making it an anecdote.

These rings are now directly allied to the status symbol of the celebrities. The more expensive and fashionable the ring is, more media and attention it draws from the world.

The royal couple Prince Williams proposed his girlfriend, now wife Kate Middleton with a royal 18 carat Sapphire. The interesting story behind this ring was that it was the same ring which her mother Princess Diana wore when she was engaged to then Prince Charles.

Kate Middleton Ring

Kanye West got designed a 15 carat diamond ring exclusively to propose his fiancé Kim Kardashian to make her feel special on the D-day which was estimated to have cost around $3 million.

kim kardashian wedding ring

Kaley Cuoco also got her finger adorned with a traditional 2.5 carat diamond gifted by her professional tennis player husband Ryan Sweeting.

Kaley's 2.5-carat diamond

Jennifer Aniston also holds attention with her 8 carat diamond ring gifted by her fiancé Justin Theroux.

Jennifer’s 8-carat radiant-cut center diamond

Muse Matthew also surprised his girlfriend Kate Hudson with a huge rock ring worth $200,000 shining on her ring finger.

Kate Hudson

There are certain exhibitionist celebrities displaying their engagement rings in media to grab public’s attention.

celebrities displaying their engagement rings

Jason Sudeikis also proposed Olivia Wilde with an emerald to impress her after a year of dating.

olivia wilde engagement ring

Scarlett Johanson was caught engaged when she was spotted wearing a vintage style diamond stunner gifted by her French journalist husband Romain Dauriac.

Scarlett Johansson Engagement Ring

Christopher French proposed the High School Musical star Ashley Tisdale with a 4 carat emerald cut diamond.

Ashley Tisdale Engaged to Boyfriend Christopher French

The most popular couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie commonly known as ‘Brangelina’ celebrated their special day with an exquisite engagement ring worth of $500,000.

16-carat diamond ring

Most admirable Beyonce was proposed by his forever love Jay-Z with an 18 carat diamond ring costing worth $5 million.

$5 million 18-carat diamond

These are few of the astonishing and whopping engagement rings of celebrities. These rings are eye catchers which always embellish on these beauties being a part of their breathtaking personality.


View More Celebrities Engagement Rings

Why We Love rings and You Should Too

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1.00 Carat Oval Tanzanite Ring in 14k Yellow GoldSomething that holds your finger in a stylish manner is always appreciated. This is nothing; but, a designer ring that looks wonderful. It is a piece of ornament that creates a magical feeling in the heart of the wearer.

The rings are preferred because of their capability of beautifying your hands. They are available in numerous designs that allow buyers to select them as per requirements. Indeed, the jewelry market has a special place for rings because they do not require occasion for exhibiting exotic designs. Though, some are pointed as meant for special functions like that of engagement rings. These rings are exotic in appeal and have large gemstones surrounded by smaller ones.

Ideally, you will find tanzanite, emerald, ruby, sapphire, and solitaire diamond used for designing some of the most beautiful designs. This is why we love rings and you should too. Indeed, engagement is a special occasion that requires the best piece of ring for your better half. So, the design matters a lot. It is excellent to get a trendy ring overlapped with ethnicity for creating an aura.
0.30 Carat Round Tanzanite Ring in 14k Yellow Gold
The rings are an important part of jewelry that brings smile on the face of a wearer. Each and every rings speaks of different feelings to the person it has been gifted. Talking about engagement ones, it is the best example of eternal love for each other. This kind of ring is designed ethnically with a touch of classiness. Generally, such designs are unique and uses best quality gemstones for enhancing their beauty.

On the other hand, rings that have to be gifted on valentines days are designed in a modernistic approach. They make use of smaller gemstones or diamonds in artistic designs to allow them for impressing their lady loves. This is the reason why we love rings and you should too. Such piece of jewellery are liked for their affordability and exotic beauty. It depends on the choice that works towards strengthening relationships between the love birds.
0.22 Carat Oval Tanzanite Ring in 14k White Gold
In the category of rings, you can check out couple rings that are meant for people in true love or have been married. It is the best gift as design of the rings are exactly same and bear initials of the couples. Indeed, some of the couple rings also bear “I love you” on the inner side of the ring base. These types of rings are reasonably priced; depending on the kind and size of gemstone used in it.

There are various reason as to why we love rings and you should too. It is because they are available in uncountable designs and are considered optimum for gifting purpose. Apart from these occasions, you can also gift a ring to your beloved wife on anniversary. Indeed, anniversary is the time that you love each other more than the past year and promise to be together always. So, a diamond ring is suitable for stamping your true love.

The rings are an important part of jewelry masterpieces. With the developing technology and artistry, jewelry designers are coming up with newer designs that are enough to impress anyone. It is necessary to get the best product from reputable jeweller because of the presence of certain jewelers, which might dupe you with fake diamonds or gemstones. After all, you would be paying specified amount out of your pocket to buy a gift and it should be authentic to maintain the integrity level of your feelings.

Valentine Day – A Mesmerizing Festivity of Love

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February the month of love & affectionate feelings is with strong reasons behind it. It is named after Saint Valentine, now history says there were many saints who carried the same name & they had different attitude towards life. Then why only love is focused? The interesting fact is that one of them was against the rigid law of unmarried soldiers & King Claudius II declared death punishment for the Saint, but he didn’t bothered about it & went against state law allowing many couples to marry in church in his presence and thus died on the way of humanity for true emotions of what young heart’s carry. This great sacrifice remained countable, one more anecdote says that while imprisonment he fell in love with Jailor’s daughter. What so ever is the true fact but the free expressions of love & natural emotion is focused in the whole scenario. That’s why the sacrifice on name of Love by the Holy Saint is celebrated as Valentine Day by uncountable loving couples on the planet.Valentine Day Gifts

Valentine Day GiftSeason for couples to cherish together & enjoy the gorgeous days of February in their own distinctive ways. Girls are interested in a true lover who brings them happiness & is a responsible guy which is much clear from this classy derivation – “Valentine” is derived from Valens i.e. worthy, strong, powerful. It’s the parameter of finding their true Valentine. This season let our team build a bridge for you till her heart. Our experience says that jewelry is something girls love to cherish much. Try proposing her with marvelous Tanzanite Ring fitting her 3rd finger. Be sure you gift her in your own unique expression, as copying someone will definitely lose your naturalistic appeal. Let your gorgeous princess believe in your love. At we bring you the classy range of jewelry of Tanzanite crafted in White Gold, Gold & Sterling Silver base in purest ever form. Keeping your expenses in consideration Discounted Jewels for this season of Love is also carried. Explore the best for your lover from our idiosyncratic range. Express with the purity of deep emotions is same selflessness like the Saint who concluded his last note saying “Your Valentine.”