Make Valentine’s Day Even More Special with Tanzanite


Valentine’s Day gift giving on February 14th is a tradition. And traditionally the gift is either a simple card and chocolates, flowers, or a cute teddy bear. Why not honor the tradition but put an extra special twist this year to show her you care with the gift that most certainly does keep on giving, the Gift of Tanzanite.

A card will be put away in a drawer. Chocolates will either melt or be eaten. Flowers can be pressed & saved but most likely wilt and be thrown away. And Teddy will sit on a chair or between the pillows. But your Tanzanite gift will be worn at many special occasions for days, weeks, months and years to come. Always remembered. Always on display.

Valentine Day Gift Idea

For example, look closely at this  .78ct Round Tanzanite Ring with 4ctw Diamonds in 14k Rose Gold. Observe how the rose gold merges with the diamonds in the setting. Just as you two have combined your love. It is represented by the ring.

Round Tanzanite Ring

But, what if the relationship has only just begun and perhaps a ring might be considered too forward at this juncture? Tanzanite is one of fine jewelry’s most adaptable gemstones. Consider this .45ct Trillion Tanzanite Pendant With .024ctw Diamonds in 925 Sterling Silver

Trillion Tanzanite Pendant

Perfect for a dinner date, but not so overbearing that it could not be worn at the office or to give her business attire just that extra bit of kick to keep all eyes on her during the monthly staff meeting.

Or, for the same reasoning, you might opt for these .70ctw Trillion Tanzanite Earrings with .048ctw Diamonds in 925 Sterling Silver.Instead of the bold, powerful Tanzanite blue, there is a more subtle, lighter hue. It lends itself to a less formal wardrobe, and an array of colors as such would be worn in a work environment. Plainly spoken, to the object of your affection, it says, “Hey, I like you,” without  “coming on too strong.”

Trillion Tanzanite Earring

According to the Statisticbrain website, the average annual Valentine’s Day spending is a little over $13 billion. That includes 180 million cards and 198 million roses.

Here at TopTanzanite, we wish to help you stand out from the crowd of guys with cards and roses, perhaps even from the last partner of your true love and give her something extra special this year. As romantic as a ring, as personal as a pendant, as easy as earrings.

Tanzanite Jewelry

Just fill in the parameters of your interests on our selection-friendly on-line catalog (or just browse, you have time) at . Whatever message you wish to convey, Tanzanite fine jewelry will make February 14th and every day after that a day that you will be fondly remembered.

Winter Is Not a Season, It Is a Celebration

Snow covers the mountains of the West, the plains of the Midwest, and the streets of the East where TopTanzanite customers live in America. Various other weather conditions affect our customers all over the world during December. But whether your winter season has snow or not, it is still a time for celebration.

Winter Celebration

Just look at this list of winter holidays to celebrate in December:

Tanzanite, because of its pleochroic nature lends itself perfectly to a busy holiday season of parties and gatherings; it is a gemstone that works as well as a mid-day informal accessory as it does as an evening formal accent to your winter wardrobe. Pleochroism is a physical property in which the material appears to be different colors when viewed from various angles. Distinct blue from one direction, violet to red from other directions.

Tanzanite EarringsTanzanite Pendant

It is no wonder that Tanzanite has been one of the top ten best-selling colored stones since it was discovered in the 1960s.

Tanzanite Ring

In fact, what better way to celebrate a loving relationship, or lasting friendship as the year ends, than with fine jewelry such as Tanzanite? has one of the largest inventories of Tanzanite in the world. The company owners have been trading in Tanzanite since 1978, all over the world. Our internationally-based customers firmly bear testimonials to the quality of Tanzanite jewelry bought through us, and highly approve of our customer service before, during and after a sale.

Gift for Her

TopTanzanite provides an extensive online catalog describing our inventory of rings, earrings, pendants and stud earrings.

Stones are available in the most sought after shapes: Emerald Cut, Round, Princess, Marquise, Oval, Pear, Cushion, and Trillion.

You may also select from 14k Rose Gold, 14k White Gold, 14k Yellow Gold or 925 Sterling Silver.

Tanzanite Earrings Offers

New Year Offers

Tanzanite Studs Big Sale

Christmas Offer 2016

Receiving and having a Tanzanite gemstone in your possession is cause to celebrate in itself as Tanzanite is mined only in one location on the entire planet, and thus it is regarded to be rarer than a diamond.

Tanzanite Jewelry

 Tanzanite any month, but especially for winter December, is a rare and unique gift to give or receive. Please discover and explore all the stone shapes and settings available within our on-line catalog at


The Top Mommy Bloggers To Follow On Twitter

We know that you probably have a similar relationship with Twitter, we did some digging to find the best of the best. We found the 10 best Twitter accounts to follow, bloggers, mom bloggers and beauty brands, we left no stone unturned. Take a look at our choices for the 10 best mommy bloggers Twitter accounts bellow and remember to follow Top Tanznite on Twitter, too!

Top 10 Mommy Blogs Twitter Account

Twitter Profile - Anitra Elmore

  • Anitra Elmore

Anitra Elmore founder of, she is a teacher, blogger, brand ambassador, and e-book author. In short we can say that Anitra Elmore is a Social Worker as well as pretty mom. Anitra Elmore shares her thought by blogging and her blog provides informative knowledge.

Anitra Elmore shares her blog since 2008 and sharing helpful parenting tips for mamas.

Anitra Elmore has a big friend following on social network. she love living life out loud online and especially love doing it here on The MamaZone. Check out “What Mama Learned Last Week” series if you really want a glimpse into her world.

Follow Her on Twitter

Twitter Profile - Tricia Goyer

  • Tricia Goyer

Tricia Goyer Author of 45 novels & parenting, marriage & teen books. She is also the founder of Tricia Goyer has written more than fifty books, including novels that delight and entertain readers and nonfiction titles that offer encouragement and hope.

Tricia is also a workshop presenter at the MOPS International Convention, Hearts at Home, and Allume conferences. She speaks to groups around the country about families, writing, research, and the world of publishing. She has big friends following on social network.

Follow Her on Twitter

Twitter Profile - Lenore Skenazy

  • Lenore Skenazy

Lenore Skenazy host of World’s Worst Mom on Discovery Life, and public speaker. She is an American Women and founder of

She has lectured internationally, including talks at Microsoft Headquarters and the Sydney Opera House, and has written articles for the publication like  The Wall Street Journal to Mad Magazine.

Follow Her on Twitter

Twitter Profile - Leah Segedie

  • Leah Segedie

Leah Segedie founder of and She is a social worker women as well as a good blogger.

Leah Segedie has been working with bloggers since 2007 after she lost over 100 lbs and started up her own social networking site to connect moms who wanted to live healthier. Professionally, Leah Segedie is a community builder and marketer. She got her start in politics working on community campaigns, guerrilla marketing and public relations in California.

Follow Her on Twitter

Twitter Profile - Heather B. Armstrong

  • Heather B. Armstrong

Heather B. Armstrong, she lives in Salt Lake City, Utah America. She is a professional blogger, and founder of

Much of her day spent in taking photos, processing photos, writing notes, writing posts, editing posts, reading and answering email and pretty much everything else one does when working in an office.

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Twitter Profile - Melissa Weintraub

  • Melissa Weintraub

Melissa Weintraub founder of “the mommyhood“, she is 36 year old part-time dentist and lives in East Greenwich,RI.

Melissa Weintraub decided to start blogging because she truly enjoys writing about parenthood.  She tends to be somewhat witty in her posts as she really believes laughter is the key of life. She writes blog on parenting tips and baby care.

Follow Her on Twitter

Twitter Profile - Cher Kachelmuss

  • Cher Kachelmuss

Cher Kachelmuss founder of ““, she lives in Chicago, IL America and professional in  product review blogger. She has big fan following on Twitter.

She spends all day with her children’s. Cher Kachelmuss started picking up on product reviews and giveaways and they took over her blog. She really wanted to help others make educated purchases at reasonable prices.

Follow Her on Twitter

Twitter Profile - Pamela Maynard

  • Pamela Maynard

Pamela Maynard lives in New Hampshre, America. She is owner and creator of ““. She work full-time at The Seacoast’s Leading Hospital as an MRI Technologist.

Pamela Maynard is a professional blogger and writer. She also has a big friend following on social network.

Follow Her on Twitter

Twitter Profile - Catherine Anaya

  • Catherine Anaya

Catherine Anaya is a professional Blogger and Speaker. She is the owner and creator of ““.

She is a video storyteller, media trainer, motivational speaker, host, emcee, award- winning columnist, blogger and owner/CEO of 4Hearts Media. She is a regular co-host of the television talk show Morning Scramble on AZTV and is a regular host of The Women’s Eye radio show, which airs on 1480 KPHX and is podcast on iTunes.

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Twitter Profile- Alyssa Hertzig

  • Alyssa Hertzig

Alyssa Hertzig is a professional magazine beauty editor and blogger. She lives in New York City and creator of ““.

She spends her days learning about beauty products, testing beauty products, writing about beauty products and review on products.

Follow Her on Twitter

These are the top 10 bloggers which we found on twitter, you can follow them  to get their tips. If you know some other bloggers who deserve this list then please tell us by commenting.

Stylish Jewelry that Shines at Holiday Parties


Tanzanite EarringsWorried about blending with the crowd and not getting noticed at this seasons holiday parties? Don’t give it a second thought, because just with a touch of class and some bling to go with you could look absolutely gorgeous at the next Christmas bash with your girlfriends, or your office Easter celebration

Standing out this holiday season isn’t as hard as it may seem – because, you want to know a secret? It is all about the sparkle. The ornaments and the glitter isn’t just for the Christmas tree and the Easter eggs ladies, the holidays are the best excuse to go just a tad overboard. Here we go with a few tips on how to start you on the road to oomph!

First off, the jewelry has to complement the dress, which implies that the dress really shouldn’t outshine it; pair one sparkling something with other neutrals. The end result is festive, but retains its vogue.

The jewelry you throw on doesn’t need to be 12 carat diamonds and all gold, instead go with your fashion jewelry pieces – shiny bangles, large chandelier earrings that draw focus to your blouse or an appropriately colored or shaped festive pendant to put you and everyone around you in the holiday spirit.

Tanzanite Bracelet
Reds and greens never go out of fashion during the festivities, be it as an adorable reindeer metal charm bracelet around your wrist, mistletoe brooches or statement jewelry studded with emeralds and rubies. If you’re the kind that loves being a part of the holidays through and through, then any combination of these two colors – hoops, danglers, necklaces – can never go wrong.

Don’t worry though, if this isn’t your style. If these are not your shades, then you can stick to just the sparkle bit. Silver and gold are just as celebratory, so throw on a chunky silver pedant, or stack those silver and gold chains you save for a night out on the town and you’re good to go. If you’re the kind of person who is ready to go an extra mile, you could even wear a metallic blouse!

Tanzanite Pendants
If the party happens to be a casual dinner out, all you need is a bold statement necklace that starkly complements your outfit with maybe a few sterling silver bangles.

Office holiday party is it? You have to dig out those formals? Then you have to go big with that statement jewelry too. Vintage danglers or chandeliers go best with a formal dress, but if you chose to wear pants and a cardigan then I’d recommend a necklace to complement the décolletage. Balance the neutral colors that formals call for with vibrant stoned jewelry; sure to draw your colleagues and superiors attention!

Finally got some free time to party with your friends? This is your moment, don’t hold back any of your instincts and bring out the big guns ladies! Spice up that sequenced blouse with new age designer danglers and an abstract form bracelet – leave the neck bare as the chances are your dress already has a lot of sparkle and the jewel will only get lost.

It is widely believed that every year the fashion trends change, but rest assured the holiday sparkle is timeless.

The Worst Advice We Have Ever Heard About Jewelry

Jewelry is one such piece of art that should be matched with the dress worn to adorn, it finishes looks. A little mismatch between jewelry and the dress can shatter your image. Indeed, you might become talk of the town; but, in negative sense. Obviously, no woman wants to go in that direction because looks and appeal matter to them. It is essential to select the right piece and match it with the dress worn for exclusive looks. There are people, who turn out to be jewelry experts without any reason. They keep giving advices that can hamper your looks.


One of the worst advices we have ever heard about jewelry is to wear a heavily beaded bracelet. Have you ever wondered as to what dress will match this kind of jewelry piece? There is nothing that can be worn with it. And if the beads are bigger in size with bright colored stones; then, it is a disaster for every woman. Certainly, smaller beads in a bracelet can still be the option to select. It is essential to select your jewelry piece because this will create impression on others. A wrongly chosen piece of jewelry can work in an adverse manner.

Another one in the row of worst advices about jewelry is teaming wooden jewelry pieces with traditional dresses. Some people say it is fashion; while, I would say it to be pathetic idea. It is because a wooden piece of jewelry will best match with short one piece western dress that has to be worn on casual basis. Indeed, such things will not suit a woman in the parties. This is the reason that designer jewelry is getting famous because they have traditional as well as modernistic designs that can gel well with just about any form of dress.

Coming at the third number is about wearing waist chain with long skirts. How shabby it will look? The waist chains are beautiful piece of jewelry that goes well with only traditional dress form and that too with Indian sarees. However, wearing them with a long skirt will make you look bad and a laughing stalk. If someone has advised you to wear like this; then, please avoid it for your image sake. It is necessary to maintain the decorum of dressing nicely and accessorizing it with beautiful jewelry.

Jewelry is an important piece to dazzle your looks. Wearing it wrongly can hamper your appeal and make you feel awkward. Even, the junk jewelry is also becoming a part of the fashion. Though, it can be teamed up with just about anything; the matter is that of gelling it well with the right kind of dress. You cannot team a heavy beaded long chain with traditional outfits as they will look simply shabby. In fact, there are numerous books and even online articles that talk about worst jewelry choices.

The best part of going through worst advice ever heard about jewelry is that you will be aware of the “don’ts” of the jewelry styles. This will, certainly, help you in matching the right kind of jewelry with your dress form. After all, it is the matter of casting impression and adorning fashion in style. There are no chances for awkward mismatches here. Ideally, the worst choices will keep you away from the society and make you a source of fun, not appreciation.