Celebrities and Tanzanite


Celebrities of the likes of Penelope Cruz, Cate Blanchett  and Teri Hatcher are flashing their tantalizing pieces of tanzanite jewellery.

Do the things change with sparkling blue jewel? Does it really impress? We don’t answer to these questions as celebrities do it for us.



“Penelope Cruz wears beautiful tanzanite and diamond earrings at the premier of her movie Vicki Christina Barcelona”. “Cate Blanchett wears an amazing necklace with a whopping 237 carats of cushion and round cut tanzanite at Cannes.” Teri Hatcher’s emerald cut Tanzanite cocktail ring?”



How crucial it is to leave without the jewelry which has got a lot of stylish appeal amongst your favorite actors & actresses. This rare gem has gained a very rapid appeal amongst elite class & sophisticated luxury class has made it the prime choice for their special occasions. Moreover the combination clothing make-ups & styled foot-wears are also in trend just for this gem. We don’t know how to impede this craze of quality gem lovers, A rare gemstone found only in a single place of the planet has got an ultimate demand & thus even after its high prices the sell has never came down. Here at toptanzanite.com we offer the best crafted Tanzanite Jewelry & loose stones for them who really value the iconic gemstone of the century. Join the league of those who know how special does it feels when you are admired with a sparkling Tanzanite Jewel.

The mauve bluish tone of gem is an expression of thoughtful choice for those who make their own way. They never follow the rules or surrender to readymade patterns rather Tanzanite lovers pave their own path in an extraordinary way. Be the change.

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