Easter- A Festive to Feast, Fancy and Fun

Easter Parade and Easter Bonnet
With the upcoming April 20 is coming the festival of celebration, fun, prayers, commemoration and great feasts. The long waited day of the entire year and one of the most well attended prayer service at the Christian churches.

The entire world can be seen in the mood of celebrating the resurrection of Jesus on the third day after his crucifixion. Some take part in great processions, dancing, singing, completely engrossed in the emotion while some prefer celebrating it in a sedate way. Easter celebrations greatly vary in and around the world; from dyeing the eggs to dancing and swinging around them; every part of the world has its own way to display their love and adoration to the almighty.

Easter Parade and Easter Bonnet festival especially in New York draws attention from all across the globe. Various Easter Bonnets wander in the area along Fifth Avenue from 49th to 57th street with numerous folks admiring them. Although these parades does not consist of any marching bands but is an extravaganza anyway. People in different outfits ranging from elegant to outrageous cater a great eye candy to the parade viewers coming from in and around the globe.

Easter Parade

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People begin their day by peeking into the bible and praying in the church to rejuvenate their Easter spirit. Helping the poor and needy is among the important customs of the day. This day motivates and inspires the followers to rekindle the Jesus and enlightens his teachings and learning’s within. Easter is one of the ways of spending some quality time with family and serving to those whom we love.

The festival is celebrated with the same enthusiasm and zeal all across the world counting the celebrities too. From fancy Hollywood stars to big tycoons and political leaders all feast the eve with the same fervour. President Barack Obama was seen enthralled with the festival wearing bunny ears.

Easter Parade


Kate Hudson with his single son Ryder was also spotted celebrating Easter in their fashionable outfits.
Kate Hudson and Ryder

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Same goes with Britney Spears who walked to church along with her mum and three kids to attend Easter prayers.

Britney Spears attended Easter church

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Feasting is also one of the important traditions. Dyeing eggs with fascinating figures onto it tops the list. Easter costumes, baskets and balloons are some alluring stuffs to engage yourself and your kids into the Easter spirit. Games such as ‘Easter Egg Hunt’ are quite popular and add to the fun during the celebration. Now a days formal Easter ham on the dinner table is replaced by delicious cakes and mouth watering chicken which adds great flavour to the celebration.

It is also considered as one of the greatest eve for those who got sweet tooth and are big shopping freaks. With lots and lots of discounts and offers rolling in the market, it fascinates the fashionistas to empty their pocket into these stores. From online retailers to supermarkets, all compete to offer their best deals to attract their customers. Also inspired by the celebrities with their latest collection for Easter, people tend to follow them to make their Easter not only a religious celebration but also an eve to flaunt fashion which also gives these retailers an added advantage.

Large number of added bonuses and prizes can make this festive in your budget. Various coupon codes and discount cards are being offered by these online businesses to make shopping a true pocket friendly experience and fascinate consumers with such enticing offers. It can help you save some bucks off of your tab that gives you a stress free celebration. These online shoppers not only help you save your money but also save your time along with the convenience.

Hence, Easter not only brings with it the breeze of love and devotion but also a spree of gala which fills everyone equally with joy and bliss. A day to cherish, honors, celebrates and adheres to the sacred and divine sermons of Lord Jesus with every generation ensuing in their own way.

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