Five gift choices on father’s Day

Father's Day Gift Ideas

Some fathers are super easy to shop for –a pair of cuff-links, a good book or a tie and you’re all set for June 16th. Others are a bit harder to please and require creative thinking. Here is a father’s day gift guide that might help ease your mind on what to give your dad on this special day.

Honoring fathers around the world, Father’s Day was first celebrated in the United States as a counterpart to Mother’s Day to revel in the joys of paternal relationships. It became concrete in 1910, founded in Washington by Sonora Dodd in honor of her war veteran father. Like other holidays, Father’s day was promoted by companies that directly benefited from such a concept – makers of ties, tobacco pipes etc.

When we think of men, especially our fathers, there is an inevitable list of things – usually falling under the categories of clothing, gadgets and tools – which with a little bit of personalization work beautifully as a Father’s day gift.

Father's Day Gift Ideas

Five Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Clothing is always an ideal choice – pick a shirt, a tie to go with it if your dad tends to dress formally, and add a Father’s day jewelry gift of cuff-links. He’ll be so pleased there’s a good chance you’ll succeed in making him dress up and come out to celebrate!

I bet you know your dad well enough to know if he’s the kind who loves his electronics or usually screams at his computer for eating up his mail. If it’s the latter, then steer far away from gifting him gadgets, but in case he’d love a Kindle to delve into his passion for reading or spice up his laptop with a brand new set of headphones and a Bluetooth mouse then you have it easy – for a man loves nothing more than to be given a new toy; at any age.

If your father isn’t the kind who appreciates electronics and thinks poorly of gadgets – k=go old school. Remind him of his childhood, or of the time he used his tools from the shed to fix all the knick knacks in the house and even build you a few things. Go buy him an antique tool set or one that he’s missing now and lead him down memory lane.

The same pampering habit of fathers’ goes for outdoor supplies like a barbeque – they love feeling wanted and showing off a little in front of the fire! Surprise him out on the patio with a lovely new hamburger grill and you’re sure to win him over and even get a delicious dinner out of it!

The last is not a very obvious choice, but it’s always nice to add a touch of sentimentality, so to the list of Father’s day 2014 gifts, you may want to add a gold ring – touched up to look antique if he isn’t the kind who likes the shine – and engrave in a memory you shared, a quote you know he’d love or an inside joke which will make him smile. If he isn’t the kind who wears rings but is instead religious, get him a Greek cross pendant which he can cherish – go for something gold or white gold with a simple engraving and not too much sparkle – he’ll sure be touched!

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