Happy Birthday Sagittarians from Tanzanite


Sagittarians (November 22December 21 ) are described as extremely kind-hearted and loving people. We like that because Tanzanite has been designated as the birthstone for December, and in turn that makes it extra special for us at TopTanzanite to be associated with Sagittarians at this time!


Being social animals, Sagittarians quickly make new friends. And what better season of the year to make new friends than in December at all the holiday parties where you can display sparkling fashion accessories such as this .78ct Round Tanzanite Pendant? Don’t these .11ctw Diamonds in 14k White Gold setting look a bit like snowflakes?

Round Tanzanite Pendant

Or look at these .70ctw Trillion Tanzanite Earrings with .048ctw Diamonds in 925 Sterling Silver. The blue and silver evoke the image of snow & ice and cool blue skies of winter. Wherever and whenever a Sagittarian wears these, a bit of December and the warm memories of friends comes with them throughout the year.

Trillion Tanzanite Earring

In fact, there are many aspects to the Tanzanite gemstone that compliment Sagittarians.

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According to Jacqueline Dautaj, Certified Astrologer, Sagittarian women are friendly ladies who “tend to be happy to meet, greet and interact with others on a social level. They are also usually full of  ‘get up and go’ energy; this makes them a true joy to be around and the center of any party!”

Tanzanite Value

We feel that in the world of fine jewelry, Tanzanite is a bright, optimistic gemstone that also calls out to people (greets & interacts) when it is in the room, be there an on going party or business meeting. For example doesn’t this .78ct Round Tanzanite Pendant With .35ctw Diamonds in 14k White Gold just blaze as a magnet to attract every eye in the room?

Round Tanzanite Pendant With Diamond

Just as Sagittarians enjoy being social and thrive on interactions with others in order to feel balanced, so to do their fashion accessories need to interact. If you saw this pendant from across the room, would not the diamonds reach out to attract your eye and then the bold blue draw you in, closer and closer until you had to speak to the stranger to compliment her?

It is no wonder that the distinctive dark blue with the slightly purple tinge of Tanzanite has been described as one of the most extravagant colors known to man or woman.

Tanzanite for any month, but especially December is a rare and special gift to give or receive. You will find a variety of  additional stone shapes and settings available within our on-line catalog at  http://www.toptanzanite.com/.

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