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Tanzanite Rings

Pretty circles embracing fingers establish the mysticism of love, remembrance and luxe. Gemstone rings have their special glory. The exclusivity of Tanzanite makes tanzanite jewelry a cherished possession for the woman who wants to dazzle. The twinkling Tanzanite oozes with more shine with even the small flash of sunlight. To the astonishment this stone has […]


Celebrities Who Love Wearing Tanzanite Jewelry

The legacy continues with high end jewelry of the century. Top notch collection from the foothills of Kilimanjaro has witnessed the celeb class popularity in no time. The Lilac gem poured into smartest form of gorgeousness brings you the pleasure of wearing a jewel like no other. Providing you cream of the crop in the […]


Get the X factor Beautiful Tanzanite Celebrity Rings

Being out of ordinary means true endeavor, regardless of the type of job one pursues, what matters is the perfection in your performance. Such deep dedications produce the best out of mass, who become celebrities for all others. For such really devoted personalities Engagement Ring matters a lot. Being special needs full-hearted effort & for […]


Determine the Price of Tanzanite

Well for the rarest gemstone of the century, a defined price would be an unjustified valuation. The exploration, mining, excavation, heating, polishing, carving, shaping & molding into jewelry are those process through which each Tanzanite has to go through. Love for an absolute beauty has reached an apex where one has to be very much […]


Lady DIVA with Tanzanite Accessories

Glamour has its own language, top notch style, whopping applause, ample curiosity & all trying to get a glance. Now when DIVA reveals her secret of style beautiful gem wearing has a lot to do with it. Tanzanite’s sparkling alliance with golden & silver moldings, provide a versatile choice for stylizing princess within you. Divulge […]


Best Summer Jewelry Collection Of 2017

Trends have a distinctive language, commencing a style statement for masses. Here at, we offer unique variety of Tanzanite jewelry for every occasion. This summer we have come up with the latest designs for ornament lovers, especially those who resemble their style in very exceptional ways. presents an exclusive range of necklaces, earrings, […]


Treatment of Loose Stones

  A relatively recent addition to the gemstone market, tanzanite’s limited origin and brilliant blue color has helped it climb the jewel market ladder with great speed. A stone so much rarer than even diamonds, tanzanite in the past decade has owned the position of the second most loved colored gem in the United States, […]


Love for her

Cutie-pie of your lifetime has to be an adorable one amongst the beautiful ladies. Thus Tanzanite’s shimmering style assists your sweet-heart to go even more gorgeous than ever & the feeling she gets with this rare gem wearing is unpredictable. Here is a true tale of Andrew & Susan. The weekend party at Rhone’s place […]