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20 Interesting Fun Facts about Engagement Rings

Engagement is the most wonderful day of a couple’s life. This shows that their love has got culminated into an eternal relation, which will never break. It is a pious day that involves exchanging beautiful looking rings, representing true love for each other and an ever cherishing memory. The connectivity level of these two rings […]


14 Common Misconceptions about Sterling

Having an affordable piece of jewelry is the need of today’s fashion conscious world. To meet the need, it is sterling silver that comes to limelight. This is a strong metal that takes birth from the combination of silver with copper, or nickel, or zinc, or even geranium. In this, the percentage of silver metal […]



Tanzanite, the amazing stone, is truly mesmerizing and when studded in rings it does wonders. Embrace your hands with the miraculous look and seek everyone’s attention. The exquisiteness of the precious stone is further enhanced by cautious cutting of the stone into desired sparkling shape. Oval Tanzanite Ring has its own beauty similar to Round […]


Loose Stones

Gemstones are precious or semiprecious piece of a mineral which are scarcely available. Loose stones are designed, carved to make them perfect and beautiful. They are then cut and polished to make a piece of jewelry. Tanzanite is one of the rarest blue gemstones which is only found in Tanzania and has gained significant popularity […]


10 Quick Tips About Diamonds

Diamonds are and will always be a perfect option to attract woman. Its alluring shine is enough to dazzle the viewers and let them praise it. The market for diamonds have been on a constant rise. But, it is better to buy them carefully as fake diamonds are also seen scattered around the market to […]


Enhance Your Love with Unique Wedding Rings

Jewelry buying always needs a righteous approach towards exploration of latest trends. A few take consideration about the enhancements whereas remaining rely on other’s choice. Being into jewel business from last 30 years we insist you to buy with your own choice, to realize your hidden talent of selection & carry own style. That’s how […]


Jewelry Collection Starts With Quality Earrings

Enhancements represent your visual sense it reveals how aesthetically one thinks about herself. The way one wants to depict is well done with help of classy jewelry. One can delight her looks with best gem of the century sparkling through her ears, like no one around her can deliberately flaunt with Mauve beauty of this […]


Unique Wedding Bands

Wedding bands are classy knots tied for making this sensational occasion much memorable for loving hearts. With the stylish tantalizing Tanzanite let your expressions flow in a sophisticated manner. The beauty of soft stone in blue hue will impress her with its elegant glimpse, be classy in appeal. Nature has got the blue in the […]