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Tanzanite Stud Earrings

These unique pairs of Tanzanite Stud Earrings are dazzling. Succumb to their alluring charm with a diverse selection of shapes and color intensity. One of tanzanite’s most compelling properties is its ability to display different colors depending on the direction from which it is viewed. The three colors most displayed are variations of blue, violet […]


Studs Earrings A Trend Forever

As a part of contemporary and new age fashion trends, the restrained look of a stud is officially back in action by popular demand. The jewelry trend list of 2014 clearly indicates that studs are still a jewelry designer and consumer favorite. Its immense variety and style possibilities while still keeping a check on the […]


Accelerate your beauty with tanzanite stone jewelry

Market trends and consumer inclinations both point towards the same conclusion – colored stones are back in the game and are giving steady competition to the much loved diamonds. What’s more? Even the so-called precious colored gems – sapphires, rubies and emeralds – are now facing stiff competition from other colored quartz’, topaz, peridots etc. […]


Why Are Emerald Engagement Rings So Special

Of the four precious gems known to man – diamond, rubies, sapphires and emeralds, the last is the softest, hence often worn with diamonds to balance strength. Nevertheless, the emerald is considered more valuable when compared carat for carat with diamonds. This infamous variety of beryl which is a vibrant verdant in color, is an […]


20 Interesting Fun Facts about Engagement Rings

Engagement is the most wonderful day of a couple’s life. This shows that their love has got culminated into an eternal relation, which will never break. It is a pious day that involves exchanging beautiful looking rings, representing true love for each other and an ever cherishing memory. The connectivity level of these two rings […]


Tanzanite Rings

Pretty circles embracing fingers establish the mysticism of love, remembrance and luxe. Gemstone rings have their special glory. The exclusivity of Tanzanite makes tanzanite jewelry a cherished possession for the woman who wants to dazzle. The twinkling Tanzanite oozes with more shine with even the small flash of sunlight. To the astonishment this stone has […]



Tanzanite, the amazing stone, is truly mesmerizing and when studded in rings it does wonders. Embrace your hands with the miraculous look and seek everyone’s attention. The exquisiteness of the precious stone is further enhanced by cautious cutting of the stone into desired sparkling shape. Oval Tanzanite Ring has its own beauty similar to Round […]