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Winter Is Not a Season, It Is a Celebration

Snow covers the mountains of the West, the plains of the Midwest, and the streets of the East where TopTanzanite customers live in America. Various other weather conditions affect our customers all over the world during December. But whether your winter season has snow or not, it is still a time for celebration. Just look […]


Studs Earrings A Trend Forever

As a part of contemporary and new age fashion trends, the restrained look of a stud is officially back in action by popular demand. The jewelry trend list of 2014 clearly indicates that studs are still a jewelry designer and consumer favorite. Its immense variety and style possibilities while still keeping a check on the […]


How to Find the Gemstone You Prefer To Wear

Finding your own personal preferred gemstone isn’t as easy as it may seem, but neither is it a complex decision. Though the beauty of jewelry without gems is age old, the addition of the appropriate gem can add to the jewelry its own identity in terms of when it’s used and how much it stands […]



Tanzanite, the amazing stone, is truly mesmerizing and when studded in rings it does wonders. Embrace your hands with the miraculous look and seek everyone’s attention. The exquisiteness of the precious stone is further enhanced by cautious cutting of the stone into desired sparkling shape. Oval Tanzanite Ring has its own beauty similar to Round […]


Loose Stones

Gemstones are precious or semiprecious piece of a mineral which are scarcely available. Loose stones are designed, carved to make them perfect and beautiful. They are then cut and polished to make a piece of jewelry. Tanzanite is one of the rarest blue gemstones which is only found in Tanzania and has gained significant popularity […]


Gem Class: Gemstone Cuts

Gem wearing is in trend from the Aristocratic Era & even before that, earlier the king queen & officials used to own them, but with time this passion spread all over the world in all categories equally. These days people wish to have their own style in jewel wearing but what actually bother them is […]


Jewelry Collection Starts With Quality Earrings

Enhancements represent your visual sense it reveals how aesthetically one thinks about herself. The way one wants to depict is well done with help of classy jewelry. One can delight her looks with best gem of the century sparkling through her ears, like no one around her can deliberately flaunt with Mauve beauty of this […]


Engagement Rings – Unique Choices for Unique Couples

Celebration has a familiar trait of joy & pleasure. Cherishing themes for this loving occasion actually brings you the excitement for letting yourself float in this true feel of love. Unleash the factual essence of blue magic in front of those eyes which have gathered to see you knitting in single thread of trust & […]


Bracelets that Broadcast Your Single Status

Bracelets have a big followings these days people don’t admire those heavy jewels or the excessively done make-overs. Whereas the decency has raised its level in the overall emergence, well keeping in mind the trends & versatile demands of simply classy jewel we have produced an eminent range of Bracelets. They are amongst those special […]