Tanzanite, the amazing stone, is truly mesmerizing and when studded in rings it does wonders. Embrace your hands with the miraculous look and seek everyone’s attention. The exquisiteness of the precious stone is further enhanced by cautious cutting of the stone into desired sparkling shape. Oval Tanzanite Ring has its own beauty similar to Round Tanzanite Ring and Emerald Cut Tanzanite Ring. Trillion Tanzanite Ring does not lack behind in any way. Pep up your mood with fashionable rings and flaunt the preciousness of the gemstone.

0.40 Carat Oval Tanzanite Ring in 14k White Gold

0.40 Carat Oval Tanzanite Ring in 14k White Gold

Metal: 14k White Gold
Stone: Tanzanite
Minimum Carat Weight: 0.400 Carats
Shape: Oval
Size: 6×4 MM
Stone Quantity: 1
Color: Bluish Violet
Minimum Grade: Exceptional (SD)
Clarity: Internally Flawless (IF)
Origin: Tanzania
Group: Zoisite
Treatment: Heated
Stone: Diamond
Minimum Carat Weight: 0.240 Carats
Shape: Round
Stone Quantity: 36

Price: $1052.00


Each shape is supported by exclusive setting. Several designs incorporate precious diamonds as well only to further titivate the ring with a unique style. Jazz up your outfit with contemporary designs. White Gold and Yellow Gold is evenly used as the design demands. Not only the shape and designs are promising but also the quality of each piece is superior without any doubt. The crystal clear pieces are held for premium customers. The violet blue hues of the flawless pieces speak for themselves. The magical stone incredibly set in a ring has the power to charm everyone around. Weight of the piece is not a problem at all. An exclusive collection of light to heavy pieces is wisely treasured to fulfill every customer’s requirement.

Wear one of the lavish pieces and let others envy your asset. A brilliant idea could be choosing one piece as engagement ring to dazzle your soul mate with tanzanite ring’s magnificence and cherish your memorable moments. Variety of designs, ideal for both men and women, are irresistible to grab. So take the pride to adore yourself and your loved ones by gifting an elite piece of jewel. Get trendy and out show as never before. Be an honored owner of this rare gemstone which is much rarer than diamonds!