Pretty circles embracing fingers establish the mysticism of love, remembrance and luxe. Gemstone rings have their special glory. The exclusivity of Tanzanite makes tanzanite jewelry a cherished possession for the woman who wants to dazzle. The twinkling Tanzanite oozes with more shine with even the small flash of sunlight. To the astonishment this stone has gained popularity rapidly over the year. This glamorous natural crystal is rare, has an eye catching shine and is basically cool in nature.

1.00 Carat Oval Tanzanite Ring in 14k Yellow Gold

1.00 Carat Oval Tanzanite Ring in 14k Yellow Gold










Metal: 14k Yellow Gold
Stone: Tanzanite
Minimum Carat Weight: 1.000 Carats
Shape: Oval
Size: 7.5×5.5 MM
Stone Quantity: 1
Color: Violetish Blue
Minimum Grade: Exceptional (SD)
Clarity: Internally Flawless (IF)
Origin: Tanzania
Group: Zoisite
Treatment: Heated
Stone: Diamond
Minimum Carat Weight: 0.260 Carats
Shape: Round
Stone Quantity: 28

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Tanzanite ring is a dazzling adornment for the lady that can be worn both formally and casually. The emotions fly with every movement of your hand, bearing a nice bold gemstone ring.

A solitaire Tanzanite ring finds appreciation everywhere, but the other shapes are not too far behind. Brilliant purple colored stone looks great in any cut and shape. Round Tanzanite ring with diamonds breaks the monotony of routine and turns life into a party. Other fancy cuts, like the trillion, oval, square Emerald, princess cut and elongated pear are cashing on the desire for a sophisticated luxury. The different shapes are a modification of the conventional round. A Pear Tanzanite Ring is wonderful compliment to multi-dimensional personality of new age women. Filigree and cutwork like art adds to its good looks.

The coolness of violet blue hue of Tanzanite contrast to the warmth of the skin. Tanzanite is a rare stone that is found in purplish blue to deeper blue to red colors. Gorgeous bright hues of Tanzanite look fantastic with white gold, platinum and sterling silver metal. Lighter tone metals enhance the beauty of the stone.