Why Are Emerald Engagement Rings So Special

Emerald Engagement Ring

Of the four precious gems known to man – diamond, rubies, sapphires and emeralds, the last is the softest, hence often worn with diamonds to balance strength. Nevertheless, the emerald is considered more valuable when compared carat for carat with diamonds.

This infamous variety of beryl which is a vibrant verdant in color, is an all season stone which can brighten your mood is the deadest of winters. Associated closely with prosperity, harmonious living and balance, May’s birthstone has become a frequent visitor of the red carpet.

Interestingly, along with its associations with royalty and glamour, emerald has recently been a favorite of bridal jewelry – especially engagement rings. Its fresh new look as compared to the diamond, as well as its timeless color that makes you feel like spring is right around the corner adds the most interesting twist to the otherwise stately stone.

Emerald engagement rings of mainly two types exist – one where the gem replaces the diamond as the central solitaire and another where the solitaire diamond is retained, but is encircled by a ring of round or trillion cut emeralds, giving a gorgeous combination of grey and green, each complementing the other.

Emerald center stone rings are often flanked by smaller diamonds on either side – either a three stone or a five stone setting. The refreshing new look of emeralds worn by a bride-to-be, instead of the diamond that the industry has so successfully marketed as the wedding stone is one that most of us cherish. Adorned by celebrities like Halle Berry with style and confidence, emerald engagement rings have become a new age fashion statement.

Stone Ring
The side stone ring is one that was a part of fashion in the early 1900’s, particularly the style with a central round cut diamond surrounded by a halo of emeralds. An addition of a second precious gem to the wedding bands gives you even more design options and combinations, adding color to your choice in style and setting.

Like all other gems, emeralds also have a deeper meaning – in specific emerald engagement rings. They are closely bound to the belief of loyalty, adoration and true love – many even believing that its changing color can warn you when your spouse is unfaithful and faltering.

The root of the meaning of emerald is ‘the green of growing things’, symbolizing a love that not only will last forever, but will continue to grow and strengthen as time passes. This precious stone has its ancestries in ancient cultures dating back to 4000 BC.

Its extraordinary representation of all things lovely is supplement by it being the sacred stone of Goddess Venus, and a metaphor for the preservation of love and hope alike.

Christened as the official color of 2013, though emerald seems to be a new trend in the market and in the hearts of buyers, its charm dates back to the times of Kennedy, who proposed to Jacqueline Bouvier with a 2.84 carat emerald ring. From it being Cleopatra’s favorite gem all the way to it reaching Hollywood through Zoe Saldana and Olivia Wilde, the emerald has marked its territory.

Believe what you want, but which ever page of the book you turn to, all fingers point towards the emerald as a special stone to present to the one you love!

Impress Your Loved One With These Exclusive Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Planning for a grand engagement ceremony?

How about making it more special with some extraordinary arrangements OR gifting your better half with a rare piece of Princess cut diamond engagement ring?

If all your above answers are YES, then you’ve landed at a right place which would certainly cater you apt suggestions to make your engagement ceremony not only memorable but an event to cherish throughout your life.

The most important ritual during this occasion is exchanging of the engagement rings which not only make you feel special but also connected to your partner throughout the life.

So guys, keep your front foot forward to awestruck the lady of your love with these exquisite and stunning Princess cut diamond rings for a classic and timeless feel.

Clawed from all the four sides, the ring looks eccentric and renders a timeless feel to the occasion. It’s a single studded stone carved in a metal of your choice, more preferably yellow or white gold. It looks extremely elegant and classic with a twisted style of band that gives it a slightly trendy look.

Diamond Engagement Ring

If you are looking for some classic and contemporary touch in your engagement ceremony, this ring could be the perfect choice as it gives a complete vintage appearance encrusted with a series of small diamonds with a single princess cut diamond etched in the center.

This stunning ring can be easily customized as per the customer’s choice. Beautifully stacked chain of diamonds with a splendid princess cut diamond incised at the center renders it a marvelous look when worn into delicate fingers. It can definitely make your engagement ceremony memorable.

If you are a bit glittery and jazzy in your choice, go for this sparkling ring that can add a character to the ceremony. The trilogy diamond ring incised into princess cut renders a shimmering look in the ambiance of the occasion.

If your spouse prefers contemporary and a decent style, this ring could perfectly go with her choice and add personality to the character. It’s simple yet elegant, hemmed with the metal making it look more sophisticated.

A completely traditional and conventional look can be given to the ceremony with this classic ring. Fixed into yellow gold, it gives a timeless feel to the occasion making the ambiance rich in culture and traditions.

princess cut diamond ring

Set your own style with this aquamarine and princess cut diamond rings engraved in a white gold band making it look trendy and stylish. It goes well with every theme and preferably when your loved one wishes to stay in vogue.

This ring will certainly hold everyone’s attention with its divine glitter illuminating in the love ambiance of the event. With lots of sparkle of small diamonds encrusting a grand princess cut diamond suspended in platinum renders it a gorgeous stunning look.

If you want to gift a rare piece of solitaire diamond to your loved one, this ring could serve as the best option that will be cherished by her throughout the life. It would be highly suggested if she is a big time fashionista.

If you want to have a blend of contemporary and modern style, this ring serves as the perfect example. It looks extremely dazzling with 4 princess cut diamonds clawed with white gold. Few diamonds etched on the band renders it a sumptuous appearance.

Thus, try out these sublime and pleasing styles of princess cut diamond rings to make your D-Day momentous.

Flaunt your love with Engagement Ring

Tanzanite Engagement RingExclusive jiffy can’t be expressed in words; dictionary falls short when a girl converts to a lady with that sophisticated knot of engagement. The emotions she carries within her eyes & body language are read by those who actually know her from the depth of heart. Allow us to express your inner joy with the Tanzanite Ring, the incredible feature is its gleaming beauty & depth of bluish mauve hue.

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Tanzanite Ring
It’s really very inappropriate to define Love for someone, molding that feeling into jumble of words is also an obscured presentation where true essence is still hidden. Well when words fall short than gifting expresses the affection, & thus Tanzanite is here to assist that deep indulgence of your alluring love. The calmness in wind & throbbing heart tells everything to her when you put a Tanzanite Ring in her finger. Be amongst those who know to share their true emotion in gifting & stylize your loving moments in an elegant manner. Let World know how much you care for her & the shimmering beauty of Tanzanite is defining your classy choice. Feel the proud in loving your partner & flaunt that believe in a classy style.