Have you ever dreamed of designing your own piece of tanzanite jewelry?

designing your own

Tanzanite Design your own


Have you ever dreamed of designing your own piece of tanzanite jewelry?  Do you have that special style in mind that you can’t seem to find in jewelry stores or anywhere online but you know it would be that perfect look for you?  Dream no longer!  Top Tanzanite has stepped out of the world of ordinary and into the world of making jewelry dreams come true.

Unless you are fortunate enough to be a jewelry designer or buyer dealing with jewelry manufacturers, it is almost impossible to build your own piece of jewelry.  You have to settle for the stone choices and styles created by others, which may or may not be what you had in mind when you set out shopping for the next piece of jewelry to add to your collection.  We at Top Tanzanite are changing that by opening our office doors in New York City and inviting you inside!  Not only will retail buyers of jewelry and loose gemstones be able to walk into the unknown world of a top supplier of tanzanite and see where the magic of jewelry and gemstone buying happens, you will too.

Each and every one of us is different.  We have different tastes in all sorts of things including, but not limited to, food, clothing, music and cars.  The same is true for gemstones and jewelry.  What is beautiful to others may not be beautiful to you, and vice versa.  When you come to our office, we will have a large assortment of tanzanite for you to choose from so you can find the perfect shape, size and color for your jewelry.

Once you have chosen the tanzanite, or set of tanzanite, that catches your eye, it’s time to tell us what type of jewelry you want to make with it.  We have a large assortment of designs we will show for you to either choose from, or to give us an idea of the type of design you want us to make for you.  If you have chosen one stone, we will help you with a ring or pendant.  If you have chosen multiple stones, which we will help match for your set, we can show you bracelet, earring and necklace designs as well.  Once you have finished choosing the tanzanite and design, we will get started making it and have it to you in a short amount of time.  We know you will be excited to show it off to the world, and we will be excited to see that smile on your face when you see your personally designed tanzanite jewelry!

Maybe you aren’t interested in designing jewelry, but want to pick a loose tanzanite for your collection?  It is our pleasure to help you with your loose tanzanite shopping too!  Most of us have to buy loose gemstones from the internet, which is fine when you are buying from a reputable source, because we aren’t given the opportunity to make our selections in person.  But for gemstone enthusiasts, wouldn’t it be an incredible experience to walk into an office and view a large assortment of loose tanzanite and know you can pick the gemstones you want? Just let us know the preferred shape, size, color or weight and we will have an assortment ready for you when you arrive.

Where do you sign up?  Go to to request an appointment.  Let us know what you are looking for whether it is a specific shape or weight of tanzanite or a specific style of jewelry.  Maybe you won’t know exactly what you are looking for until you see the tanzanite that speaks to you, making your creative mind will run wild with ideas!  If this is the case, just let us know if there is a price range you want to stay within and we will help you with the rest.  We are located in the heart of the diamond district in New York City so make sure to set up an appointment to visit us during your next trip and be on your way to making your tanzanite jewelry dreams come true!

Engagement Rings are Perfect Gift to Express Your feelings Without Saying Even a Single Word

Engagement RingsPropose Day

It’s really very hard to decide whose gonna be your soul mate, but when one realizes then the typical question arises is the way to propose her for being with him throughout her life. This Propose day cherish the expression in your own identical way by gifting her heart shaped Tanzanite Pendant. The love is well expressed in its unique sense with Heart shaped Tanzanite, either in form of Studs or Ring one can mould them as he wants to make his loved one realize how special she is. Don’t let her go, try expressing personal feelings of your heart this season with very prominent gifting pattern of all time. A Heart shaped gem revealing sentiments of your Heart.

Unique Wedding Bands

Wedding RingWedding bands are classy knots tied for making this sensational occasion much memorable for loving hearts. With the stylish tantalizing Tanzanite let your expressions flow in a sophisticated manner. The beauty of soft stone in blue hue will impress her with its elegant glimpse, be classy in appeal. Nature has got the blue in the vast depictions, symbolically in deep oceans & endless sky. This special hue has the exclusive depth of all time glorifying natural shade.

Believing on aesthetics of nature in a passionate manner reveals the truth of joyous feelings you wish to share. Be very specific in choosing a Wedding gift for your love, gift is the feeling you carry for your partner. Make her\him feel very charming & exceptional in a tantalizing gleam of Tanzanite Bands. The neatly crafted jewel with sparkling assistance of diamonds makes it a privileged choice for loved one. The stylish way to share true emotions, time to engender your own style.

Being specific on this lifetime occasion, people are really puzzled with their selection part. To shop for wedding purpose it’s really an unusual experience, at times annoying too. Let help you in making choices. We have already specified the categories in order to help our customers, & deliberately chose most classy designs in the wedding categories. The design must be very appealing, much alluring & a unique one. Our designers have produced favorable ideal jewels for wedding idea, let the special range of wedding bands assist you in making a choice. Don’t mess up, let the experience of buying a wedding gift be a mesmerizing & delightful experience. Select the best gift for the best person of your life.

Love for her

Cutie-pie of your lifetime has to be an adorable one amongst the beautiful ladies. Thus Tanzanite’s shimmering style assists your sweet-heart to go even more gorgeous than ever & the feeling she gets with this rare gem wearing is unpredictable. Here is a true tale of Andrew & Susan. The weekend party at Rhone’s place actually charges up Andrew, Michel, Bob & Richard, its time when they chat a lot, booze, go on long drives & end up at Rhone’s place eating, dancing & fun all the night. Its Thursday evening 5.30 no calls yet, suddenly phone rang, Andrew rushed this was Richard Brown next side, “heya Andiee !! Its gonna be fun tomorrow, 2 of my friends & a cousin are joining in the party, be there” Andrew said “Woa sounds gr8 will pick Bob n hit on right time.” Finally the Friday evening is here, Bob contacted Andrew & they packed up car with drinks, food stuff & rushed to Rhone’s place. Richard was already there with Maria, Susaan & Aneliz . Bob & Andrew welcomed them to the party & carried on with puddings, cake & wine glasses in hand initialing the loud music. But the glittering Blue Tanzanite in Susan’s ears was again & again stop Andrew’s eyes on her.

Tanzanite Ring

He started observing her, went closer her beautiful eyes, the way she spoke, her dressing, her smile. He seemed very curious to know her, as the night grew darker, Andrew went to Susan, they had a word she was a Psychology Honor’s student . Music was loud enough he couldn’t talk to her easily. But her glimpse, her jewels, her accent, & the way she was looking at him were alluring Andrew to an endless extent. Very late Night dinner was more of silent observing & sharing of emotions through eyes, with very gloomy music on saxophone. In the morning all went off. Andrew, Bob, Richard & Michel were left in the house of Rhone. Andrew was not able to forget her glance & the curiosity in her eyes. He went with Richard to know more about her, coincidentally, she was also interested in joining the party again on next weekend.

Excitement charged up but certainly she refused to Richard & had no contact for a week or so. Andrew was also disappointed, he came to know about her engagement ceremony was canceled as the guy cheated him. Andrew couldn’t stop himself & went to her place with Richard. Very surprisingly he offered her a Tanzanite Ring to begin a new life with him. Richard was shocked, even Susan was but Andrew was damn sure about the decision which his heart took. Susan was speechless, Andrew went closer, just looked into her eyes & said “Your eyes depth is unmatchable to any gem on this planet, you are the most beautiful & even then I think Tanzanite will help defining my heart’s feelings for you, please accept me.” Susan was crying & couldn’t answer she hugged him. She whispered “You are rarest & pure at heart as the gift you have got, how come you know it’s my favorite?” Andie replied “ I observed your classy choice on that weekend peeping through curls on your ears!” Richard, was not able to believe what his friend just did.

Emotional moments settled down, now the Tanzanite was shimmering in her finger. Her aunty & cousins were called on Friday night get together. There began the Grand Party of engagement of Andrew & Susan with a promise of never letting her go. Like always, Tanzanite Ring again proved its worth on the ground of trust, choice & true love.

Rare Gemstones as a Gift

Gift is something which acts as a memory & cherishes one with the glimpse of the person. Let Tanzanite do it for you and make your glance shine in depth of memory of the loved one. The only gem which allows one to explore themselves as actual beings. The person who actually owns this gemstone knows how precious the Tanzanite is & how special it feels to present it as a souvenir of love & respect to the loved person.

The gift must be something that has a unique characteristic of acceptance as an owner & the receiver. Things you don’t like to receive as a gift is also not to be given. Thus at we assure that a person with a mind set of gift gets the best they want. Let masses appreciate your deep knowledge & interest of precious gems. Amuse the loving one with this wonderful gift of lifetime, let Tanzanite make your attachment grow stronger.

Tanzanite GemstonesHere at we do ensure the delightful crafted blue exquisiteness gem, which will bring you the happiness & thankful acceptance of the person you are gifting. Found in the foolhills of Kilimanjaro mountains the rarest ever gem has an extraordinary value in the regal classy gem wears and when it comes to gifting one must be confident that the person’s value is going to raise a lot. Tanzanite’s alluring beauty is for special beings & only quality lovers own it. Its time to make someone special realise his/her own value with this magnificent gem of all time. Tanzanite’s gleaming blue depth will indulge the recipient into its flawless glimpse and preserve your memory forever in his/her heart.