The Top Mommy Bloggers To Follow On Twitter

We know that you probably have a similar relationship with Twitter, we did some digging to find the best of the best. We found the 10 best Twitter accounts to follow, bloggers, mom bloggers and beauty brands, we left no stone unturned. Take a look at our choices for the 10 best mommy bloggers Twitter accounts bellow and remember to follow Top Tanznite on Twitter, too!

Top 10 Mommy Blogs Twitter Account

Twitter Profile - Anitra Elmore

  • Anitra Elmore

Anitra Elmore founder of, she is a teacher, blogger, brand ambassador, and e-book author. In short we can say that Anitra Elmore is a Social Worker as well as pretty mom. Anitra Elmore shares her thought by blogging and her blog provides informative knowledge.

Anitra Elmore shares her blog since 2008 and sharing helpful parenting tips for mamas.

Anitra Elmore has a big friend following on social network. she love living life out loud online and especially love doing it here on The MamaZone. Check out “What Mama Learned Last Week” series if you really want a glimpse into her world.

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Twitter Profile - Tricia Goyer

  • Tricia Goyer

Tricia Goyer Author of 45 novels & parenting, marriage & teen books. She is also the founder of Tricia Goyer has written more than fifty books, including novels that delight and entertain readers and nonfiction titles that offer encouragement and hope.

Tricia is also a workshop presenter at the MOPS International Convention, Hearts at Home, and Allume conferences. She speaks to groups around the country about families, writing, research, and the world of publishing. She has big friends following on social network.

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Twitter Profile - Lenore Skenazy

  • Lenore Skenazy

Lenore Skenazy host of World’s Worst Mom on Discovery Life, and public speaker. She is an American Women and founder of

She has lectured internationally, including talks at Microsoft Headquarters and the Sydney Opera House, and has written articles for the publication like  The Wall Street Journal to Mad Magazine.

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Twitter Profile - Leah Segedie

  • Leah Segedie

Leah Segedie founder of and She is a social worker women as well as a good blogger.

Leah Segedie has been working with bloggers since 2007 after she lost over 100 lbs and started up her own social networking site to connect moms who wanted to live healthier. Professionally, Leah Segedie is a community builder and marketer. She got her start in politics working on community campaigns, guerrilla marketing and public relations in California.

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Twitter Profile - Heather B. Armstrong

  • Heather B. Armstrong

Heather B. Armstrong, she lives in Salt Lake City, Utah America. She is a professional blogger, and founder of

Much of her day spent in taking photos, processing photos, writing notes, writing posts, editing posts, reading and answering email and pretty much everything else one does when working in an office.

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Twitter Profile - Melissa Weintraub

  • Melissa Weintraub

Melissa Weintraub founder of “the mommyhood“, she is 36 year old part-time dentist and lives in East Greenwich,RI.

Melissa Weintraub decided to start blogging because she truly enjoys writing about parenthood.  She tends to be somewhat witty in her posts as she really believes laughter is the key of life. She writes blog on parenting tips and baby care.

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Twitter Profile - Cher Kachelmuss

  • Cher Kachelmuss

Cher Kachelmuss founder of ““, she lives in Chicago, IL America and professional in  product review blogger. She has big fan following on Twitter.

She spends all day with her children’s. Cher Kachelmuss started picking up on product reviews and giveaways and they took over her blog. She really wanted to help others make educated purchases at reasonable prices.

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Twitter Profile - Pamela Maynard

  • Pamela Maynard

Pamela Maynard lives in New Hampshre, America. She is owner and creator of ““. She work full-time at The Seacoast’s Leading Hospital as an MRI Technologist.

Pamela Maynard is a professional blogger and writer. She also has a big friend following on social network.

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Twitter Profile - Catherine Anaya

  • Catherine Anaya

Catherine Anaya is a professional Blogger and Speaker. She is the owner and creator of ““.

She is a video storyteller, media trainer, motivational speaker, host, emcee, award- winning columnist, blogger and owner/CEO of 4Hearts Media. She is a regular co-host of the television talk show Morning Scramble on AZTV and is a regular host of The Women’s Eye radio show, which airs on 1480 KPHX and is podcast on iTunes.

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Twitter Profile- Alyssa Hertzig

  • Alyssa Hertzig

Alyssa Hertzig is a professional magazine beauty editor and blogger. She lives in New York City and creator of ““.

She spends her days learning about beauty products, testing beauty products, writing about beauty products and review on products.

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These are the top 10 bloggers which we found on twitter, you can follow them  to get their tips. If you know some other bloggers who deserve this list then please tell us by commenting.

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