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In our previous blog, we suggested giving a Tanzanite gemstone as an alternative to chocolates, flowers, teddy bears and other traditional gifts for the upcoming Valentine’s Day Celebration. That is not so out of the ordinary when you consider that in some countries around the world there are different traditions honored.

In Denmark humor paves the way for love, as men send ladies “gaekkebrev.” No, not a flower or food item but a lighthearted letter featuring a rhyme or funny poem; it is composed on intricately cut paper and — this is central to the “gaekkebrev,” it is signed just with anonymous dots. If the lady can piece together enough clues from the written content and a pattern of the dots to determine the sender’s name, she earns an Easter egg in April.

Valentine Traditions

Of course, there is also a flower tradition, as sweethearts can give to one another “snowdrops” which are pressed white flowers.

Wearing your heart on your sleeve can be a negative connotation, but in South Africa, that is the point of Valentine’s Day. But instead of a heart, women pin the names of their love interest on their shirtsleeves, an ancient Roman tradition known as Lupercalia. In some cases, this is how South African men learn of their secret admirers.

The strangest tradition we found – and long since banned –  came from, of all places, France. The custom was known as “one lotteries glamor” (The Lottery of Love) where single women and men gathered in houses facing each other. They would pair off after yelling out to each other, A little weird but not strange, you say?

Lottery of Love

If the man didn’t like his Valentine, in the end, he could desert her in the middle of the day.

No, it did not end even there. At night, the abandoned and not in a very romantic Valentine mood women would then set a bonfire ablaze, burning pictures of these men and curse them. As you can guess, things could and more often than not got out of hand. Eventually, the French government banned the practice altogether.

valentine's day collection

Valentine’s Day traditionally plays out as a celebration of affection and respect that one person has for the other, with a gift as a physical representation. This year why not make that gift a special one in the form of a Tanzanite gemstone, in a setting of your choice as a ring, catalog earrings or pendant.

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