The Worst Advice We Have Ever Heard About Jewelry

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Jewelry is one such piece of art that should be matched with the dress worn to adorn, it finishes looks. A little mismatch between jewelry and the dress can shatter your image. Indeed, you might become talk of the town; but, in negative sense. Obviously, no woman wants to go in that direction because looks and appeal matter to them. It is essential to select the right piece and match it with the dress worn for exclusive looks. There are people, who turn out to be jewelry experts without any reason. They keep giving advices that can hamper your looks.


One of the worst advices we have ever heard about jewelry is to wear a heavily beaded bracelet. Have you ever wondered as to what dress will match this kind of jewelry piece? There is nothing that can be worn with it. And if the beads are bigger in size with bright colored stones; then, it is a disaster for every woman. Certainly, smaller beads in a bracelet can still be the option to select. It is essential to select your jewelry piece because this will create impression on others. A wrongly chosen piece of jewelry can work in an adverse manner.

Another one in the row of worst advices about jewelry is teaming wooden jewelry pieces with traditional dresses. Some people say it is fashion; while, I would say it to be pathetic idea. It is because a wooden piece of jewelry will best match with short one piece western dress that has to be worn on casual basis. Indeed, such things will not suit a woman in the parties. This is the reason that designer jewelry is getting famous because they have traditional as well as modernistic designs that can gel well with just about any form of dress.

Coming at the third number is about wearing waist chain with long skirts. How shabby it will look? The waist chains are beautiful piece of jewelry that goes well with only traditional dress form and that too with Indian sarees. However, wearing them with a long skirt will make you look bad and a laughing stalk. If someone has advised you to wear like this; then, please avoid it for your image sake. It is necessary to maintain the decorum of dressing nicely and accessorizing it with beautiful jewelry.

Jewelry is an important piece to dazzle your looks. Wearing it wrongly can hamper your appeal and make you feel awkward. Even, the junk jewelry is also becoming a part of the fashion. Though, it can be teamed up with just about anything; the matter is that of gelling it well with the right kind of dress. You cannot team a heavy beaded long chain with traditional outfits as they will look simply shabby. In fact, there are numerous books and even online articles that talk about worst jewelry choices.

The best part of going through worst advice ever heard about jewelry is that you will be aware of the “don’ts” of the jewelry styles. This will, certainly, help you in matching the right kind of jewelry with your dress form. After all, it is the matter of casting impression and adorning fashion in style. There are no chances for awkward mismatches here. Ideally, the worst choices will keep you away from the society and make you a source of fun, not appreciation.

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