Blue Tanzanite

Newest stone on rack, Tanzanite is the versatile gemstone that embellishes the inherent sensuality of women. Once it was seen only as an alternative to sapphire, soon it has established itself as the premiere gemstone. The crystalline stone is mined in Tanzania only. Women love exclusiveness of Tanzanite. ‘Color is king’ adage holds true for Tanzanite too! It is the single most crucial factor in deciding the value of this coveted gem. Intense colors are inviting. Unblemished Deep Blue Tanzanite is the most prized variety; though other colors also occur. In fact, only 1% fine grade Tanzanite (dark blue color) is found. This vibrant blue shade is due the presence of an element, Vanadium.

Bluish purple Tanzanite is also very popular and is less costly than the real blue variety.

The pleochroic property of the gem made this infamous stone one of the top most gemstone. It is carved such that it appears various shades from different angles. The pricey Tanzanite is a luxury worn on a finger, arm or ear. Round Tanzanite is a perfect fit for ring, earring, pendant and all. Single oval stone holds a different beauty. When oval tanzanite in any size is used in jewelry, it creates a different alluring effect.

Want your lady to bedazzle with a mischievous Tanzanite jewelry? Flaunt the enormous stature with a vibrant blue Tanzanite!

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