Cushion Tanzanite

Cushion cut is a specific kind of carving. We offer our clients with a huge collection of high quality and mesmerizing Cushion Tanzanite. It features an intense lilac blue hue. The gorgeous sparkle and stunning velvety sheen of Cushion cut Tanzanite gemstone sets it apart. Cushion cut Tanzanite can be used in any kind of jewelry, such as a ring, pendent, earnings, etc. When added to any piece of jewelry, Cushion Tanzanite can enhance its glamour and appeal. They can be worn by both men and women. The Cushion Tanzanite can be set in yellow or white gold jewelry as per the requirement and taste of the client.

Cushion Tanzanite Ring with exquisite design can be a perfect wedding band or an anniversary gift. CTS Cushion Tanzanite Ring where the gemstone is surrounded by tiny diamonds looks perfect. Though you will hardly ever come across this combination, but the two stones complement one another in a unique way. The Cushion cut Tanzanite embedded ring will add grace to your appearance. You can wear them with any kind of attire. The cushion Tanzanite can be set in a piece of jewelry with traditional as well as contemporary designs. It will pep up the look.

Cushion cut Tanzanite can also be used in pendants and elaborate jewelry sets. They will look absolutely ravishing. You can wear a cushion Tanzanite pendant with any outfit in any kind of a party. The gemstone is available in light and heavy weight so that our clients can choose the ones they deem perfect for their piece of jewelry. The Cushion Tanzanite jewelry looks stunning and thus will be one of your most cherished possessions.

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