Oval Tanzanite

One of the most popular shapes of Tanzanite gemstone is oval. Oval Tanzanite looks very classy and stylish. They have a magnificence and luxurious appearance. We provide our customers with a wide range of amazing oval cut Tanzanite gemstones that can be embedded in any kind of jewelry they desire.

Since almost everyone these days we are wearing diamond studded solitaires as wedding bands, you can break away from this tradition by choosing an Oval Tanzanite Ring. Oval cut Tanzanite surrounded by tiny diamonds in a ring will look spectacular. The combination is rare but perfect. You can pep up any look with a single oval Tanzanite studded ring. A 0.22 carat oval Tanzanite ring in 14k white gold can cost about $ 283 while a 0.38 oval Tanzanite ring in 14k yellow gold can cost nearly $1045.

Oval Tanzanite will also look gorgeous in pendants. Oval shape Tanzanite Pendant in Gold will look absolutely stunning with any attire you may choose to wear. It will suit all occasions, formal as well as informal. We offer our clients with heavy and light oval cut Tanzanite so that they can choose the weight of the gemstone to be incorporated in the pendant. A 1.15 carat oval shape Tanzanite pendent in gold can cost around $950.

Oval Tanzanite can also be used in other jewelry pieces such as studs, earrings and bracelets. They will add more grace and charm to the overall design and appearance of the jewelry. A 0.20 carat 14k white gold oval Tanzanite stud can cost about $209 where as a 0.32 carat oval Tanzanite earring in 14k yellow gold can cost $261. There are a lot of traditional, contemporary and innovative jewelry designs available that feature oval cut Tanzanite gemstones. Their sparkle, sheen and velvety luster give the jewelry a very flamboyant and lavish aura.

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