Cushion Cut Engagement Rings

Symbolizing the epitome of beauty, cushion cut engagement rings gives a high appeal. They are, generally, square in shape, with corners being curved like a cushion. Getting their name from such a shape, these stones look magnificent as being a part of engagement rings. At our exotic jewelry store, you will find a beautiful range of cushion cut engagement rings in 18k gold. These rings appear so fantastic that no viewer will go without praising for it. Everyone knows that this style of stones is the associated with imperialistic outlook. The reason that the jewelry designers are vigilant about trend setting demands.

Engagement is an auspicious day and celebrating it by gifting tanzanite cushion cut ring to your partner is the best gift. Understanding the specialty of this occasion, our expert jewelry designers have come up with some of the meticulously crafted patterns that speak about creative aptitude. Cushion style stones available in all majorly famous stones continues to be famous as in old days. Indeed, the cushion style of these stones is decorated with smaller sized diamonds, either surrounding them or hugging them exclusively. We know the magic of tanzanite cushion cut ring is catching pace because of its lustrous blue color.

What makes the cushion cut stones look more beautiful is their holding material. You can take a pick from white gold to yellow one and even platinum for such stones. However, yellow gold cushion cut engagement rings are coming quite popular. They add to the beauty of the stone and hold them with much firmness. Every design carved at this jewelry house talks of spectacular attitude served with precision and high quality. You can access the site for the complete range and the order will be shipped at doorstep.

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