Round Tanzanite

Gemstone jewelry is very adored for the glint of glamor in them. The color, clarity, cut and shape are valuable factors that share the likeliness. Round shape is the classic perfection. It is easier to settle round stones in any design. One can wear them singly or in a combination of sparkling white diamonds. Round Tanzanite is an ideal choice to shop for, be it for jewelry making or investment purpose.

Nature play has imparted various shades to the gem. However, the color can be manipulated by cutting the crystal on either of the axes. Heating treatment also enhances color. Natural Royal blue color round Tanzanite is top rated.

Because of the ability to show up different colors from different viewing angles, cutting is critical. Back to back set 0.12 Carat Round Tanzanite allows you to enjoy jewelry with proper orientation of stone. Bluish purple facet tanzanites are plentiful. The finer saturated blue color comes with full money.

Single source of Tanzanite shortens the supply as compared to its demand. Lowest available size is 0.08 Carat. Higher weighted stone, above 5 carats are the most likely found with deepest colors. Higher the weight and deeper the blue tint, dearer the stone is. An engagement band with 0.60 Carat Round Tanzanite stones interspersed with round white diamonds is classy choice to make the occasion extraordinary.

Softer than quartz, perhaps, it is as delicate as women. Those who appreciate antique cuts would not keep themselves away from the mesmerizing round Tanzanite. It has the perfect beauty and charm that has found the place in hearts of women, young or old.

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