White Gold Earrings

For those that prefer the hue of white metals over yellow but want the durability of gold, we offer a wide selection of white gold tanzanite jewelry.  The blue color of tanzanite set in white gold has a magical effect on the jewelry lover that can be mesmerizing.

We have created many designs in 14k White Gold Earrings with Tanzanite because 14k white gold is lustrous and eye-catching.  The designs range from tanzanite studs and the classic tanzanite surrounded by diamonds to flowering designs and leaf oriented designs inspired by nature, a style to fit every personality.  Each one is intricately designed and gives that ultimately feminine look while at the same time being very versatile so they can wear for every occasion. 


The right piece of jewelry makes a woman feel more attractive and powerful by wearing it. White gold tanzanite earrings will do just that because they are a jewelry item that will never lose its magic.

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