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3 Must-have pieces of tanzanite jewelry

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Found exclusively in the shadow of the majestic Mount Kilimanjaro, tanzanite has been adored since it was first discovered, for the alluring violet blue tones that the trichroic gems possess. If rarity, beauty, color, and unique backstory are some of the factors that determine a gemstones' value, then tanzanite stands tall amongst its peers.

When it comes to the ever-changing fashion industry, one of the latest trends is called a ‘capsule wardrobe’, meaning carefully picked out pieces that complement each other are combined and kept together to form a unique ensemble. In the simplest of terms, it creates a ready-to-go style you can use to always look your very best. Being a veteran of over four decades in the jewelry industry, keeping up with trends is part of our lifestyle.

With this in mind, we’ve put together a list of three carefully selected tanzanite jewelry pieces from TopTanzanite's extensive collection, each of which would blend in perfectly with your existing capsule ensambles, and any more you put together. 

Tanzanite And Diamond Ring
  • Fabulous tanzanite and diamond fashion for your finger  

  • Featuring a charming 0.40cttw oval-cut tanzanite gemstone surrounded by a diamond halo, the ring dramatically accentuates its forever stylish floral motifs. The diamond-studded band adds a touch of allure to this gorgeous tanzanite ring. The ability to choose the carat weight, gemstone quality, and metal type, puts a measure of design control in your hands. 

    Tanzanite And Diamond Pendant
  • A burst of violet-blue tanzanite with a diamond’s glitter for your neckline

  • The spectacular design of this tanzanite and diamond pendant is the perfect complement to women with an eye for classic and elegant styles. For TopTanzanite, putting the choice in your hands, is our way of extending our customer service by giving you the opportunity to customize this gorgeous piece to your personal taste. Choose your metal type and the grade of tanzanite so the piece can match your ensemble and make heads turn. 

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    Heart Tanzanite Pendant
  • Heart-shaped jewelry, always a favorite for the fashionistas

  • Perhaps this heart pendant isn’t the actual “Heart of The Ocean” from the movie, but it is just as glamorous and captivating. Set gorgeously in pristine 14k white gold, there is a sense of romance the pendant exudes, especially with the AAAA grade heart-shaped tanzanite gemstone demanding your attention. It’s luxuriously opulent in its design,  mesmerizing in those dark trichoric hues, and ready to glam up every ensemble you can put together.  

    Visit our website for more stunning designs from our wide collection of tanzanite jewelry. We want to ensure you have the best experience with us, we provide each of our pieces with not just a certificate of authenticity, as a mine-to-market brand, but a 30-day return policy, for resizing as well, if need be. 

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