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The Perfect Accessory, A Gorgeous Tanzanite Bracelet

The tanzanite gemstone has gained massive popularity in the jewelry market. A variety of the zoisite mineral, the tanzanite gemstone is quick to impress with its rich, deep violetish-blue hues. Tanzanite jewelry from tanzanite diamond rings, to tanzanite earrings and tanzanite bracelets, each have their own way of capturing and holding one’s attention.

A well-designed bracelet should highlight the gemstone and complement it with the best metal color and choice of additional gems. At TopTanzanite, we have some exquisite bracelet designs to help you glam up every outfit in your wardrobe.

What tanzanite bracelet style should you choose?

The tanzanite gemstone is available in a variety of cuts, such as the oval, emerald, round, pear, hexagon and more. While some choose to buy loose gemstones and then create their own bracelet designs, we also have an exciting and extensive collection. One of the most popular designs is our tanzanite tennis bracelet, a timeless classic that goes with almost everything. Not far behind, are our stunning tanzanite white gold bracelets. The white gold metal elevates the deep blue and violet tone of the tanzanite gemstone to create a mesmerizing cocktail of colors.

What metal goes well with a tanzanite gemstone?

We offer a variety of options when it comes to the metals, for customizing tanzanite bracelets. Because of its trichroic nature, a tanzanite gemstone, when complemented with diamonds, will go perfectly on a bracelet that’s set in 14K Yellow Gold, 18K White Gold, Two-Tone Gold or even the more glamorous Rose Gold.

With over four decades of experience in the industry, we pride ourselves, firstly, on our customer service and second, on our ability to design and produce stunning tanzanite bracelets for every occasion. As a min-to-market brand, each gem is ethically sourced and processed at our in-house facilities by experts. We employ some of the world’s finest artisans who passionately create the most exquisite tanzanite bracelets and other jewelry pieces that form our collection that includes tanzanite engagement rings and even tanzanite wedding rings, that are taking the world by storm.

Check out the collections on our website and follow us on social media for product updates and special offers.

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