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Tanzanite Studs: Minimalistically Mesmerizing

A well-designed pair of earrings can add sparkle to your outfit. If the pair you’ve chosen happen to be tanzanite studs, you will make heads turn. A fairly recent discovery in the world of precious stones, the tanzanite gemstone has quickly become a popular choice for luxurious jewelry because it exhibits deep blue and violet hues. These vibrant colors result from a heat treatment, as the stone naturally occurs in shades of brown.

ATanzanite studs: A versatile piece of jewelry to own

Our earrings, especially tanzanite studs, have a clean, classic design that can be paired with almost any outfit. They work on formal attire for those important business meetings, or even when paired with a more casual outfit for an afternoon brunch or a night out. You can wear them on your lower lobe, but also add a touch of chic when worn on the upper lobe. The exquisite design and versatility of these earrings are nothing short of impressive.

TopTanzanite: The perfect choice to purchase tanzanite jewelry

If you have already been through our collection of tanzanite studs, then you know we also offer customization options for some. These allow you to choose the grade and the carat weight of the gemstone, along with the color of metal used for the setting.

A gift for someone born in December, tanzanite studs are the perfect choice. So, if you are purchasing them for yourself or as a gift, there are plenty of options to choose from on our website.

Accompanying this extraordinary collection of tanzanite studs is a much wider jewelry range featuring tanzanite engagement rings, tanzanite wedding rings, tanzanite earrings, rings, pendants, and bracelets. Our jewelry comes with a lifetime warranty and a 30-day return policy for items that are still in their original condition.

Every one of our tanzanite gemstones are mined in a way that doesn’t harm the environment and are also conflict-free. Each one is inspected by our in-house team of gemologists to make sure that only the most brilliant and well-cut gemstones make it to the final step of the jewelry making process. We have a dedicated and passionate set of artisans, the best in the industry, who match each gemstone to a stunning design that becomes available to customers.

Check out our entire collection of tanzanite jewelry online for something that piques your interest by browsing our website. For some fantastic offers on our products, you can find us on social media and follow us to stay in the loop.

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