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Make A Bold Statement with Our Tanzanite Earrings

The tanzanite gemstone is well-known for its striking color and deep, rich trichroic hues. This means that depending on how the light falls on the gemstone, and how you view it, it can appear blue, with a violet shade, or with hints of red. This unique characteristic has made it a popular gemstone of choice making tanzanite jewelry in the form of tanzanite earrings, tanzanite bracelets and tanzanite studs items everyone wants in their jewelry boxes.

Why are tanzanite earrings so popular?

The versatility of the tanzanite gemstone ensures that tanzanite earrings, in all shapes, sizes and designs look elegant. Take a look at our fabulous collection of tanzanite jewelry and you will see just why people fall in love with the gemstone. Our tanzanite and diamond earrings are absolutely exquisite, with a sense of grace to add that touch of regality.

This sought-after gemstone works well with any setting and any metal color. The gemstone, when set in platinum looks just as opulent as when it is set in 14K Yellow Gold or 18K Rose Gold. We also offer tanzanite gemstone earrings in a variety of metal options. We also provide different cuts for tanzanite gemstones for individual loose tanzanite purchase in oval, princess, emerald, round, square and trillion cut shapes..

Why choose TopTanzanite for your tanzanite earrings?

It’s quite simple, TopTanzanite has over 42 years of experience in this industry. We source our gemstones ethically and responsibly directly from the mines. As a mine to market brand, we are in total control of how the gemstones are polished, cut, and then set into our glamorous designer jewelry. We also pride ourselves in designing tanzanite jewelry pieces that will last a lifetime. Our tanzanite earrings, in particular, will complete every ensemble effortlessly, just as any other tanzanite jewelry pieces from our varied collections.

We also have a large collection of tanzanite wedding rings, tanzanite engagement rings,tanzanite bracelets and tanzanite pendants. Check out these collections to find jewelry to match your tanzanite earrings and follow us on social media for latest updates and special offers.

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