Tanzanite was discovered in the 20th century. Here s a quick story of the marvelous stone from Africa to Tiffany;s until date.

The Blue Story in Violet Shades

The ancient Pan-African Tectonothermal Event produced blue zoisite known as tanzanite in Merilani in Tanzania. Millions of years ago, metamorphic schists, gneisses and quartzites formed impressive, flat- topped inselbergs on a vast plain in the shadow of Kilimanjaro. The precious crystals grew in deposits on the inside of these great elevations.

For a long, long time they were hidden from the eye of Man, until one day some passing Masai shepherds noticed some sparkling crystals lying in the sun and took them along with them. However, it was only when outsiders saw that the stone went away.

According to the Masai legends, the land was set ablaze by a bolt of lightning. The heat from this magic fire in the sky transformed crystals on the ground into shimmering blue-violet stones. When the last embers dissolved into the earth and the thick smoke settled, awestruck Masai tribesmen filled their pouches with these mystical stones, believing the jewels would bring them a better life.

When the first tanzanite stones were offered to the New York jewelry company Tiffany a short time after their discovery, they sparked an enthusiastic reaction.This gemstone is a sensation!, they said. However, they did make a recommendation to give the child another name, since the Gemologically correct name blue zoisite was felt to be too close to the English word suicide. So, Tiffanys proposed the name tanzanite, after the place where the stone had been found - a name which quickly came into general use in the trade. And it was Tiffanys who, two years after its discovery, presented the exclusive gemstone to the comprehensive public with a broad-based advertising campaign. In recognition of its popularity, in 2002 tanzanite was added to the jewelry industrys official birthstone list. This saw tanzanite join turquoise and zircon as accepted birthstones for December. Not a small thing, especially when you consider this was the first time the list had been changed since 1912.

A tanzanite still continues to fascinate with its unusual, captivating aura. Its deep blue with the slightly purple tinge is one of the most fantastic colors known to Man. It personifies immaculate, yet unconventional elegance. A person who acquires one of these exclusive gems is someone who wishes to set himself apart from the hoi polloi and does exude confidence and a strong sense of individuality.