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Tanzanite, The Most Beautiful Zoisite of All

The zoisite mineral and the tanzanite gemstone are closely related. Tanzanite is actually the blue and violet variety of this mineral. Other varieties include thulite, which is a pink, opaque stone, and anyolite, a colorful variety often known as “ruby in zoisite”. However, tanzanite remains the most popular variety of zoisites.

While the other zoisite varieties are quite beautiful too, tanzanite, after it is heat treated, is far more vibrant. So most would choose tanzanite if they want to buy zoisite online. It has gained immense popularity primarily because of its trichroic nature, i.e., its innate ability to refract light so that its violet, blue and red hues can be seen from different angles with beautiful clarity.

Is zoisite, tanzanite the right gemstone for jewelry?

When looking for a fine piece of jewelry, picking something that goes with your personal style and stands out is a prerequisite.Tanzanite jewelry from GemBleu’s vast collection does exactly that. From tanzanite rings to tanzanite bracelets and more, our fabulous designs illuminate tanzanite’s natural beauty to create a lasting impression.

Tanzanite is available exclusively in one part of the world (Tanzania) and in limited quantities. This makes owning such an iconic gem, in the form of jewelry or loose gemstones, a lifelong custodian of something precious.

What are the popular cuts or shapes when I want to buy tanzanite, zoisite online?

Ziosites, in this case tanzanite gemstones, are available in a variety of shapes and cuts. One of the most popular is the elegant emerald cut that makes for a great center stone when you consider tanzanite pendants or tanzanites studs. Other shapes such as the baguette, pear, oval and marquis are also great options. Each cut allows the tanzanite gemstone’s deep colors to shine, specially when highlighted by round diamonds and metals that range from 14K Yellow Gold to 18 Dual Tone.

At TopTanzanite, we pride ourselves on designing exceptional jewelry. We ethically source our gemstones directly from the mines. Each step required to turn the gemstone into gorgeous jewelry is carefully monitored by experts at our own manufacturing facilities around the world.

Take a look at our website for our extensive range of zoisite tanzanite jewelry and loose stones and reach out to us if you need something customized. For updates and news about our jewelry, follow us on social media.

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