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3 stunning Tanzanite Rings to complete your couture

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Gorgeous jewelry is and has always been an essential part of the world of fashion. And from the multiple choices of designs and precious gemstones, tanzanite jewelry is most assuredly consistent with its ability to be a head-turner. This violetish blue gem is among the most versatile gemstones to have in your jewelry box; it’s special enough to go with your wardrobe and match your couture, for any and every occasion.

A ring is a small but elegant piece of jewelry with the ability to make or break the rest of your outfit. At Top Tanzanite, we pride ourselves on our splendid range of real tanzanite rings and other jewelry pieces made with this gemstone. Take a look at a few of our top tanzanite rings that will add that touch of class to your outfit:

Round Tanzanite Ring: This customizable round tanzanite ring with round-cut diamonds comes in several different combinations. The halo ring’s gemstone quality is available from Good Quality AA, to better AAA, and the highest quality AAAA. The number of diamonds that can be used in this piece can also be customized. You can also choose to have the ring in your preferred choice of gold - white, yellow, or rose gold - from 14K to 18K. The several possibilities alongside the intricate design ensure that the magnificent ring makes for a great addition to anyone’s wardrobe.

Oval Tanzanite Ring: This beautiful oval tanzanite ring with 24 round-cut diamonds makes itself available in a few different combinations. From AA quality to AAAA, this graceful ring provides the tanzanite gemstone in these options. Further customization options enable a customer to choose whether they want a 14K or an 18K body with either white gold, yellow gold, or rose gold. The intricate design and customization options ensure that this could also make a superb tanzanite eternity ring.

Trillion Tanzanite Ring: This exquisite halo ring has a unique look where 243 dazzling diamonds encapsulate the tanzanite gemstone. These diamonds are set in 14K white gold and they weigh a combined 1.57cttw. The brilliant 5.19 ct AAAA tanzanite ring has a glorious look and feel to it. This ring has a royal hue owing to its gemstone and how stunning the diamonds make it look. The ring is especially suited to be a tanzanite engagement ring because of its timeless design that will surely make your partner feel special.

Along with these eye-catching pieces, we pride ourselves on having one of the most desirable catalogs. At Top Tanzanite, we believe in providing one of the most fascinating gemstones directly from the mines with an unyielding commitment to quality. With our 42-year legacy of providing high-quality tanzanite jewelry to our consumers, we know that our gorgeous range of tanzanite rings make great statement pieces to heighten your style. So, visit our online store to buy tanzanite jewelry and bring home a stunning blue tanzanite ring to complete your wardrobe.

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