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It’s the season of bright and vivid colors and one of the finest ways to complement your style is by adding equally vibrant accessories to your springtime wardrobe. The perfect addition to enhance your seasonal outfits would be something luxuriously elegant like a dazzling blue tanzanite necklace.

Nothing exudes elegance like a gorgeous necklace, and when it comes to tanzanite, it’s always best to go with market leaders like Top Tanzanite who have a wide range to choose from. Here are four truly stunning pieces from Top Tanzanite’s collection of tanzanite jewelry consisting of necklaces and pendants:-

1.  1.49 Ct Oval Tanzanite Pendant: This violetish blue colored pendant will make a beautiful tanzanite diamond necklace and easily one of the classiest pieces in your collection. The oval-shaped pendant’s 1.49ct tanzanite stone abutted by a rounded, diamond studded border with white gold folded over the edges creates a graceful style. The diamond has a total carat weight of 0.52 with white gold of 14 karats. 

2.  25.59 Ct Oval Tanzanite Necklace: Diamonds and white gold are said to be a match made in jewelry heaven. Combine that with the dazzle of a blue tanzanite stone and you’ve a truly unmatched piece of jewelry. It is a 14 karat white gold tanzanite necklace with a precise and intricate interlocking design. The experienced craftsmen at Top Tanzanite have meticulously placed oval tanzanite stones into small sections, delineated with 6.64 Ct Tw diamonds around each one to form a stunning tanzanite necklace. The total weight of this exquisite piece is 25.59 Ct. 

3.  10.51 Ct Heart Tanzanite Pendant: One of the most magnificent designs in their collection is this 10.51 Ct tanzanite heart necklace. The design markedly resembles the iconic Heart of The Ocean, worn by Kate Winslet in the movie, Titanic. It can, thereby, be a great option for movie fans. The tanzanite gemstone has been carved in the shape of a heart and positioned in the center of a 14 karat white gold chassis with shimmering diamonds around its border, for a total carat weight of 0.79 Ct Tw.

Top Tanzanite’s 42 years of experience in the gemstone industry gives them an edge in understanding fine jewelry design and customization. Apart from gorgeous necklaces and pendants, they also have a broad spectrum of accessories from earrings, studs and rings, to bracelets. A free 30 days return policy, quality customer support, a lifetime warranty for each piece, and certificates of authenticity affirming the quality of the stone, makes them such a reputed and trusted brand in the tanzanite jewelry industry. 

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