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3 tanzanite jewelry pieces that do justice to their beauty

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The perfect pieces of jewelry symbolize different messages, such as wisdom, elegance, and prosperity. And gemstones play an important role in the making of luxurious pieces. Among the many gemstones, tanzanite jewelry stands out as unique due to its color, radiance, and rarity.

At Top Tanzanite, we source premium quality tanzanite gems and our tanzanite jewelry designs are distinctive in style. Known for classically elegant and contemporary designs, our tanzanite jewellery creates a "modern" as well as "timeless" style for every ensemble. Each gem is meticulously chosen to enhance only it’s best properties. Featuring a range of exquisite tanzanite rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets and necklaces, the Top tanzanite collection includes intricate designs crafted by our talented and experienced artisans.

Here are our three exclusive jewelry pieces, that truly stand out and will help you decide what you want when you choose to buy tanzanite jewelry from our online store: -

1. Oval Tanzanite Ring: This stunning ring has an oval shaped tanzanite gemstone weighing 3.53 ct positioned in the centre with a collection of diamonds encircling it. The oval cut of the gemstone has a symmetrical oval crown. The angle in which the gemstone is set is remarkable. Diamonds weigh in at 0.76 cttw and the entire design comes perfectly embedded in 14k yellow gold to complete its floral finish. 

2. Pear Tanzanite Earrings: This is a glittering pair of violetish blue AAAA tanzanite earrings with pear shaped tanzanite stone, weighing in at 2.18 ct. Each stone is surrounded by sparkling diamonds and set in 14k yellow gold, creating a royal impression. Pear-shaped gemstones appear rounded on one end and tapered on the other, styled like an elegant teardrop. These earrings are an excellent choice for anyone with a flair for vintage-inspired jewelry that’s stylishly sophisticated.

3. Natural Tanzanite Bracelet: Bracelets are worn to symbolize who you really are with regard to our choice and taste. The glamour of 14k yellow gold in this piece lights up the oval shaped tanzanite gemstones (18.31 cttw)  as they encircle your wrist. The grandly placed gemstones give the bracelet a royal touch. The beauty of the frame is further enhanced with the dazzle of small diamonds that caress each of the tanzanite gemstones. The combination of these three elements produces a charming bracelet that’s as timeless as the gemstones themselves.

In addition to these stunning pieces, we have a vast collection of fine tanzanite gemstones and tanzanite jewelry to select from. If you’re undecided between the many choices, contact us and our team will customize a design based on your desire. We assure our customers of high-quality, authentic stones and jewelry with a lifetime warranty and free shipping within the US. Visit our website and get yourself an appealing piece from our exclusive collection of  tanzanite jewelry for sale or get something made that’s just for you. 

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