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4 Magnificent Tanzanite Marquise rings for Valentine's Day under $1000

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There’s no deliberation that tanzanite and diamond rings are a wonderful gift for any occasion; all the more so on Valentine’s Day. That said, a lot of thought goes into shopping for that perfect piece.

Once you’ve decided on a budget, the next important factors to consider are the shape of the gemstone, the overall design and if it will appeal to your partner or your own tastes.

This Valentine’s Day, we’re recommending the ‘marquise’ cut, showcasing an elongated ellipse with pointed ends. Our marquise-shaped tanzanite rings highlight the inherent color and sparkle of the gem. This cut is a popular choice for modern-day tanzanite engagement rings as well. 

Here are four of our exquisite marquise-cut tanzanite rings for sale, that are under $1000: 

Go for the classics:

Consider this piece if you’re looking for tanzanite engagement rings with a classic take. The marquise-cut tanzanite is paired with round-cut diamonds, featuring a rounded band. The overall style is a delicate blend of comfort and beauty. 

tanzanite rings

An emblem of unity 

Our blue tanzanite rings will be an ode to togetherness this Valentine’s Day. While the tanzanite gemstone takes center stage, the band also has a detailed design. The diamond halo around the violetish-blue gem brings to life the gem’s details. The horizontally set marquise tanzanite sits beautifully in this setting, symbolizing two parts becoming one. 

blue tanzanite rings

Detailed design

Our tanzanite rings also feature a pavé setting, featuring small diamonds along the band of the ring. The pavé diamonds going halfway around the band adds to the charm of the design. As always, the immaculate symmetry and depth of the marquise-cut tanzanite steals the show. You can also choose to have this piece in 14k white, yellow or rose gold. 

tanzanite and diamond rings
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Best quality tanzanite engagement rings

Our world-class artisans have designed this piece with a diamond-encrusted pavé band. They make sure every detail of our tanzanite rings gets the attention they deserve.

tanzanite rings for sale

For instance, the sharp corners of the marquise-cut tanzanite are held by V-shaped prongs that protect the gemstone. Give this tanzanite engagement ring to your soulmate, knowing that you've chosen only the best. 

Tanzanite engagement rings are perfect as they will be treasured for years to come. Before our tanzanite rings are up for sale, they also go through stringent quality checks.

To ensure that we won’t forget you after your purchase, we also offer a free Lifetime Warranty on every piece. 

With the unique marquise cut, exquisite designs and a transparent approach to your shopping experience with us, we hope we can make your Valentine’s Day memorable.

Visit our website to explore our collection and follow us on social media for the latest offers.

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