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4 Oval tanzanite & diamond pendants under $2500 that are to die for

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Tanzanite is considered one of the most beautiful and sought after blue-violet and sometimes reddish hued gemstones. It is its trichroic nature and the fact that it is so very rare - found only in one area of beautiful Tanzania - that gives it so much credence in the world of fine jewelry. Tanzanite pendants, in particular, are quite a popular item for connoisseurs, jewelry collectors or anyone who loves standing out in a crowd. 

Tanzanite and diamond necklaces designed in-house at Top Tanzanite, are available in a variety of styles that could feature a singular solitaire gem or be far more elaborate when accompanied with other gems. Today, we’re taking a closer look at some of the superb pieces in our oval cut tanzanite pendant category, under or valued at $2500. 

Zoey - A gorgeous oval tanzanite and diamond pendant

When considering oval tanzanite necklaces and their versatility, this piece takes precedence. The gorgeous tanzanite and diamond halo pendant can be paired with a wide range of necklines. It has the ability to compliment your look with a touch of radiance unlike anything else. This is one of our most versatile designs in the category, wear it and feel confident in every ensemble.

tanzanite pendants

Luxuriously enveloped oval tanzanite pendant with diamonds

This oval tanzanite pendant is designed to be nothing short of opulent. While eye-catching and elegant in its elongated shape, studded with sparkling diamonds against dazzling yellow gold, the oval violet-blue gem is the real showstopper. The combination of these three materials, especially their vibrant hues, create a piece of jewelry fit for a queen.


 tanzanite and diamond necklace


Remarkably poised oval tanzanite pendant with a diamond halo

Our world-class artisans ensure every facet and cut of every single gemstone that goes into every intricately designed piece of jewelry is precise, to maximize the color of the tanzanite. In this contemporary, yet enchanting design, the marriage between sparkling diamonds and the royal blue-violet hue of tanzanite, is one made in jewelry heaven. This is that desirable heirloom piece to be handed down for generations.

tanzanite necklace


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This piece from our collection is one of our more popular designs. Its classic oval centerpiece is complemented by an intricately designed diamond-studded support. It has all the earmarks of a chic fashion statement while ensuring that the regality of the tanzanite gemstone still shines through.

white gold tanzanite necklace


The combination of versatility, fabulous design and dramatic hues make these particular pieces from our wide tanzanite pendant range, highly desirable choices for those looking for a stunning and unique piece of jewelry. 

We have a much wider collection of exquisite tanzanite jewelry that include tanzanite rings, tanzanite tennis bracelets, tanzanite studs and much more in a variety of designs and at various price points. 

With over 42 years of industry experience, ethical sourcing, and a reputed customer service we don’t compromise on anything, so your shopping experience will always be worth it.

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