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4 Reasons why diamonds are the perfect partner for Tanzanite

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Diamonds are usually stunning on their own, as are colored gemstones of various kinds. But combining the two results in something even more refined. Diamonds and tanzanite, both unique in their own way, complement each other brilliantly to create stunning pieces of jewelry. Whether you choose tanzanite and diamond rings as your beautiful accessory of the day or wish to amaze everyone with spectacular tanzanite and diamond earrings, this combination will have all eyes on you.

Colorless diamonds look stunning when set as solitaire stones in gold settings, with or without other gems. But here are some reasons why they are considered the perfect partner for tanzanite: -

A visual pleasure 

Diamonds tend to glitter a little more when matched with tanzanite gemstones due to the deep hues of the magnificent gem. With its numerous facets, a diamond refracts white light wonderfully and has the natural power to be beautiful on its own, but when combined with tanzanite, they drastically intensify its trichroic hues of tanzanite. Take, for example, this magnificent oval-cut tanzanite and diamond ring from our extensive assortment of tanzanite jewelry

tanzanite diamond rings


A priceless combination

Diamonds are brighter, tougher, and survive far longer than tanzanite, however, tanzanite is said to be a thousand times rarer than diamonds. This is because it is only found in a relatively tiny area of the planet. The gemstone was formed millions of years ago by the same tectonic shift that formed Mount Kilimanjaro and Tanzania's Great Rift Valley. Our pair of 1.52ct tanzanite and diamond earrings are just one more example of how wonderfully these stunning gemstones work together to create a unique collaboration.

tanzanite and diamond earrings


Alluring trichroism 

Tanzanite is a trichroic gemstone, which means that it exhibits three colors ranging from deep blue to violet and even red, depending on the angle you look at it and the light. When coupled with the ever-so-elegant diamond, these vibrant hues enhance each other's innate attractiveness. Just like this beautiful tanzanite and diamond bracelet from our catalog, which is a terrific way to observe how the colors naturally complement each other. 

tanzanite and diamond bracelet
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Timeless beauty

Using two prominent gemstones to create designs usually results in stunning jewelry. Our spectacular tanzanite and diamond necklace is a perfect example of the same. Clear, bright diamonds are ideal for complementing tanzanite's rich violetish-blue colors. This is typically accomplished through the use of popular and captivating halo designs, or by lining and framing the setting of the tanzanite gem. 

tanzanite and diamond necklace

Certified tanzanite gemstones are set in one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces made by our extremely talented, experienced, and passionate in-house artisans at TopTanzanite.

With over four decades of experience in making gorgeous tanzanite jewelry sets with diamonds, we are confident that our selection will have something for any and every special occasion.

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