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4 Tanzanite Pendants that will light up a room

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One of the most sought-after gems globally, tanzanite is known for its unique rich violet-blue shades, among other interesting facets, of course. 

Naturally, when it comes to pendants and necklaces, being a brand with over 42 years in the industry TopTanzanite, who specializes in bringing ethically mined gemstones directly to our customers, we have an impressive collection. We design these beautiful gemstones into jewelry pieces that are just as opulent as the stone itself. All of this is done while maintaining the exceptional quality of the gem.

Here is a small sampling of our perfectly elegant pendants designed to help you reveal that confidence you have to own a room: -

Tanzanite Pendant

Oval-Cut Tanzanite Pendant

This alluring pendant features an AAAA quality 1.49ct tanzanite gemstone that sits royally amidst a dazzling display of 0.52cttw diamonds that form concentric oval rings around it, this is a luminous piece of fine jewelry. It has all the earmarks of a fabulous contemporary design that emanates pure luxury. So when you want to put on something sparkling and unique, this pendant is the best choice.

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Heart Tanzanite Pendant

Heart-Shaped Pendant

An elegant pendant in the shape of a heart will undoubtedly make the perfect Valentine's Day gift for that special someone. In addition to the 15.94ct AAAA-graded tanzanite gemstone, the pendant is designed with 18k yellow gold and a total weight of 0.57ct in round-cut diamonds bordering it. With the rich, deep bluish-purple color that tanzanite is known for, coupled with glittering diamonds and yellow gold, you’ve got the perfect jewelry to wear when escorted by royalty. 

Oval Tanzanite and Diamond Necklace

This is a Single-string tanzanite and diamond necklace set in glistening 14k white gold, this piece is adorned with dazzling diamonds encircling oval-cut tanzanite gemstones. It is stylish, modern, chic, and exquisitely designed; to be worn on those special occasions that warrant a showstopper. 

Cushion Tanzanite Pendant

Cushion-Cut Gold, Tanzanite Necklace

When it comes to using terms like “eye-catching”, “stealing the show”, “making an impression”, this stunning 18k two-tone gold tanzanite necklace embodies all of them quite easily. The gorgeous bluish-purple tanzanite, in a claw prong setting, is accompanied by 2 layers of diamonds - the first of the yellow variety and the outer rim in white. It is this combination that creates an antiqued look that encapsulates everything you want from a tanzanite necklace.

Our pendant collection is a curation of spectacular designs for every woman. Visit our website and get this magnificent gem in these and more stunning designs with a lifetime warranty and free delivery anywhere in the US. Follow us on social media for offers and our latest launches. 

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