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Everything you need to know about Tanzanite gemstone grades

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The world’s most sought after gemstones have their own peculiarities and unique aspects, each of which makes them distinct and valuable. Tanzanite’s trichroic nature highlights how it radiates colors, ranging from blue to violet and a hint of red, depending on how you view the gem. That, and the fact that it’s extremely rare and could very well be in short-supply soon, only makes it so much more intriguing. 

Top Tanzanite, as a leading mine-to-market brand, is committed to ensure that every customer and connoisseur of this stunning gemstone, understands every facet before making a purchase. In this article, we simplify how tanzanite is graded. 

To begin with, - each tanzanite gemstone is graded based on its form, value and uniqueness. This grading is done by following the four Cs -

1 - Color - which talks about its lightness or darkness and how it affects the value of a stone
2 - Clarity - identifies any inclusions present inside a stone, affecting its durability
3 - Cut - determines the gemstone’s overall face-up color; and
4 - Carat weight - which ascertains a gemstone’s weight including its depth.

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According to GIA, this grading system is most widely used to get familiar with tanzanite’s distinct components like its -
Hue, that denotes the actual color a human eye perceives;
The Tone that refers to a gemstone’s relative lightness or darkness; and
The Gem’s Saturation that showcases the depth of its color. 

For Top Tanzanite, the popular ‘AA’ to ‘AAAA’ grading system is used to gauge a gem’s various aspects that include its price, the quality and the perfection of its cut.

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AA - being of the light color grade constitutes among the top 50-70% of natural tanzanite gemstones available. With our exquisite  AA’ jewelry range for you to explore, we hope to match all your preferences. 

AAA - includes gems in the moderate color grade and constitutes among the top 20-30% of natural available tanzanite. Consider our meticulously cut ‘AAA’ graded tanzanite gemstones and jewelry with colors that will still impress even the toughest crowd. 

AAAA - graded gems have an intense color grade constituting among the top 10% of the naturally available tanzanite. These showcase a high brilliance that makes them so much more intense and valuable.

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With ‘AA’ being good to ‘AAAA’ being the best, we offer you gorgeous jewelry designs that will undoubtedly match all your needs. Explore our wide collection of tanzanite rings, tanzanite earrings, tanzanite pendants and more that feature some of the finest gemstones embedded in stunning tanzanite jewelry

Tanzanite’s unusual and captivating aura will make you look effortlessly elegant. You can also select from our loose tanzanite stones available and have jewelry customized. Reach out to us for more details.

Top Tanzanite provides the highest quality products that come with certificates of authenticity. Our methods of grading are extremely refined and meticulous, being a reputed brand for over 42 years in the industry with customer satisfaction being our forte; something we are passionate about.

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