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Explore Our Top 4 Bracelets Under $2000

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Tanzanite bracelets have long held a position of prominence in the realm of tanzanite jewelry. They are a symbol of luxury and an acknowledgment of the timeless allure of precious gemstones. They stand out as essential accessories, elevating one's ensemble from the ordinary to the extraordinary. Their beautiful violet-blue hue, accentuated by the radiance of diamonds, embodies the spirit of elegance. 

Here is a list of our top 4 tanzanite bracelets under $2000, each a testament to our commitment to delivering exceptional design and exquisite masterpieces.

Exquisite tanzanite tennis bracelets

tanzanite tennis bracelets

Classic and contemporary, our tanzanite tennis bracelets are suitable for a wide range of occasions. In this piece, oval-cut tanzanites are arranged in an alluring sequence, ensuring a harmonious flow of color and sparkle. It drapes your wrist with a touch of extravagance, making it a cherished piece.

Bangles that dazzle 

tanzanite bracelets

Tanzanite bangles or tanzanite bracelets that possess a unique charm. The focal point of this bracelet is an oval-cut tanzanite that sparkles brilliantly, captivating the eye and demanding attention. The deep color is characteristic of the finest tanzanites, evoking a sense of elegance and sophistication

A versatile masterpiece

tanzanite jewelry design

This Kavita-Certified AAAA Tanzanite and Diamond Bangle showcases a seamless leaf-like design. This piece from our collection is a shining example of how versatile the design is. Its graceful cut and intricate tanzanite jewelry design will make it a valuable addition to your jewelry collection.

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Timeless beauty in a bangle 

white gold tanzanite bracelets

A rare tanzanite gemstone, meticulously cut into an emerald shape, sits in the center of this bangle. It gives the bracelet a touch of classic appeal with its beautiful contours. The positioning of round-cut diamonds makes the overall tanzanite jewelry design truly luxurious. 

At Top Tanzanite, our legacy spans decades. In addition to our stunning white gold tanzanite bracelets, we provide you with the option to customize your piece in either 14k or 18k yellow gold or rose gold. From tanzanite tennis bracelets to a wide range of tanzanite jewelry, our collection is a masterful curation designed to leave you spellbound. With each tanzanite jewelry design, we blend artistry, precision, and a profound understanding of tanzanite into works of timeless beauty. We stand behind our tanzanite jewelry offering a 30-day money-back guarantee, free shipping, across the US*, and premier customer service for every consumer.

Discover the elegance of tanzanite today. Visit our website and follow us on social media for exclusive deals and the latest in luxury.

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