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Famous Pieces of Tanzanite Jewelry

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The grandeur of the tanzanite gemstone has a lineage of royalty ever since its discovery in 1967. Even the location where this precious gemstone is found has a royal heritage. Poised between lush blue and vibrant violet hues, exotic tanzanite is found only at the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. It is also believed that the mount itself, was a present from Queen Victoria to her grandson, Kaiser Wilhelm.

Tanzanites are known as the "gemstone of a generation" because mining is estimated to be exhausted in one generation. However, the elegance and beauty of the tanzanite gemstone will stay on forever and has long been celebrated in famous designs of tanzanite jewelry.

Tanzanite Ring

There are several timeless tanzanite pieces of jewelry which have been popularized over the years and here are a few examples: -

#1 Sea Urchin by Rodney Rayner

This ring is an amalgamation of tanzanite and diamond in 18K gold. Rodney Rayner, a British jeweler, isn't afraid to use bright color combinations to produce strong statement pieces. He draws inspiration from nature frequently, and the Sea Urchin collection was conceived following a sailing vacation in Belize and Tahiti.  

Tanzanite Earring

#2 Belle by Chopard

Chopard has collaborated with Disney and Harrods to create jewelry inspired by legendary Disney Princesses. These opulent earrings include stunning pear-shaped and briolette-cut tanzanites, inspired by Belle from "Beauty and the Beast." The ring, which has a stunning round-shaped pink spinel, perfectly completes the "Disney Princess Collection" High Jewelry set. 

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#3 Queen of Kilimanjaro Tiara 

The Queen of Kilimanjaro, a 242-carat gem set in a beautiful tiara with 803 rare green tsavorite garnets and 913 diamonds, is one of the most renowned faceted tanzanites in the world. The Queen is set in 18 carat white gold in this exotic-looking tiara, accompanied with her brilliant-cut royal entourage. It is currently part of the renowned gem collector, Michael Scott's private collection.

Tanzanite Pendant

#4 The Famous Titanic Tanzanite Necklace

The list would be incomplete without possibly one of the most famous tanzanite necklaces in the world, i.e. the Heart of the Ocean from the blockbuster film Titanic. The massive 28-carat heart-shaped tanzanite stone actually played a part as a blue diamond in the film. However, blue diamonds do not have the same deep blue saturation as tanzanite.

A royal connection, luxurious designs, and the spectacular stone itself makes accessories like tanzanite necklaces or a pair of tanzanite earrings or even a tanzanite pendant something everyone would love to have. The stone has also made its way to the red carpet during this year’s Oscars

So when you want to get that regal look for your ensemble or look just as good as the fabulous celebrities who wear the gem, visit our website to get a piece of jewelry that meets your passion. We also have loose tanzanite stones for sale and a dedicated team who can help you customize a piece that captures your every desire.  

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