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Go royal in tanzanite blue - Get the full look

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The colour blue has been linked with being a formal and serene colour and for centuries, it has also been associated with royalty. When the royal nature of blue is linked with the mystically colored tanzanite gemstones, the resultant look is truly elegant. At Top Tanzanite, we believe in providing only the very best tanzanite jewelry designs that will set you apart from the crowd in royal splendor. 

The complete tanzanite blue look comprises a tanzanite ring, a pair of earrings, a pendant and a bracelet. We curated just such an ensemble to add that sophisticated touch with an air of royalty, take a look: -

Cushion Tanzanite Ring: This highly-customisable halo-styled tanzanite ring provides an intricate design consisting of round-cut diamonds acting as a bouquet to the brilliant tanzanite gemstone. The ring is available in four different carat weights ranging from 0.80 cttw up to 1.50 cttw. The gemstone quality can also vary from a standard AA to the highest AAAA quality. The ring’s frame can also be chosen in variants of 14K or 18K with a choice of colours between white, yellow or rose gold.

Cushion Tanzanite Earrings: The beautiful cushion tanzanite and diamond earrings come with a combined 3.20 ct gemstone surrounded by a collection of round-cut diamonds, each split equally between the two earrings. The 14K white gold frame lends a regal appearance to this pair. These high-quality earrings are an exceptionally designed set that can breathe life into any outfit.

Cushion Tanzanite Pendant: This exquisite tanzanite and diamond necklace (pendant + chain) comes fitted with a magnificent 2.16 ct gemstone. The extremely luxurious pendant features well-cut diamonds that perfectly encircle the tanzanite gemstone. With its 14K white gold frame, the pendant captures the royal essence of the wearer. 

Oval Tanzanite Bangle: The eye-catching white gold tanzanite bracelet provides the wearer with a royal aura. Round-cut diamonds flaunt the 4.81 ct gemstone within their perimeter. Masterfully positioned within a 14K white gold frame, the dazzling blue gemstone brings out the truly timeless beauty of the bangle. This enamoring design will undoubtedly add a truly majestic quality to your ensemble. 

In conjunction with each other, the synergy of this set will showcase an exceedingly beautiful and royal look. Here, at Top Tanzanite, we focus on creating true masterpieces for our customers, in the most creative way possible. We are a mine-to-market manufacturer as the gems are ethically-sourced from Tanzania, sliced, refined and graded in Jaipur, and crafted in Germany. We provide a lifetime warranty that guarantees that your jewelry will enamor you for years to come. Our role is to provide you with inspirational jewelry that puts your beauty on full display. Visit our online store to find out more about our unique and glorious collection of tanzanite jewelry for sale.

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