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How Tanzanite gets its tantalizing color

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Tanzanite, a blue form of the mineral zoisite, is an extraordinarily attractive gemstone prized for its rarity and hue. It is common to be inquisitive about the tantalizing color of this gemstone. Its exquisite, velvety color spans from deep violet-blue to subdued purple tones. When seen from various angles, it reveals distinct hues, thus making it rare and desirable. 

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Geological Formation

Small concentrations of vanadium and chromium, which were present throughout its formative years inside the earth's crust, give tanzanite its famous blue and violet colors. When this mixture is heated to around 600 degrees Celsius, the oxidation state changes, which creates or accentuates the tanzanite's blue hue. Almost all tanzanites today have a rich, velvety blue hue, however, this is mainly due to artificial heat treatment. Only a small percentage of tanzanites on the market now have a blue tint that was created naturally from metamorphism heat. 

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The trichoric feature of tanzanite

Tanzanite is a complex stone which stands out in terms of its trichroic feature. Trichroism is a gemological word that describes how light vibrates in multiple planes when it passes through a material. As a result, depending on which axis you look at it from, the stone takes on a distinct hue. Tanzanite is extremely reactive to the light source under which it is seen because of this phenomena. It showcases a stunning color range from violet to blue, with hints of red, depending on how you view it. While trichroism has no bearing on tanzanite's grade or value, it is an integral aspect of the stone's color.  

Tanzanite And Diamond Bangle

Color saturation and the rarity of tanzanite

Saturation refers to the depth of color in a stone, or the extent to which color fills the stone. Tanzanite is more precious when the color is saturated. This is due to the fact that people prefer brighter colors, as well as the fact that they are considerably more scarce in nature. In reality, just a few carats each year are mined in the top 1% of grades. As the color saturation drops, the stones lose the intensity of the color and thus their value. In terms of rarity, the very fine colors represent less than 1% of Tanzanite production. We, at TopTanzanite, sell loose tanzanite, tanzanite gemstones, and tanzanite jewelry in grades ranging from AA, AAA to AAAA, with each grade being the greatest of its type.

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