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Make a bold statement, get your tanzanite jewelry customized by the best

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Tanzanite jewelry has always been a bold choice especially since the gemstone is about 1000 times rarer than diamonds. In a relatively short span of time, they have gained quite a bit of popularity thanks to this rarity, their unique and elegant color and their ability to stand out when paired with almost any other precious metal or gemstone in jewelry designs. Furthermore, tanzanite's value skyrocketed since it was chosen to be December’s birthstone, by the American Gem Trade Association.

One of the most trusted brands in the US retail space for choice tanzanite jewelry is Top Tanzanite. Top Tanzanite has owners with 42 years of experience in the gemstone industry and a wide catalog of statement tanzanite rings , bracelets, pendants, earrings, studs and more. With the best quality product and glamorous designs, they also provide excellent customer service, free shipping on orders within the US and most importantly, a lifetime warranty on every piece of jewelry, with a free 30-day return and resize option.

The brand believes in the simple idea that quality customer service is imperative to build a lifetime relationship based on trust, confidence, and sincerity through amenities like secure online transactions and doorstep delivery.

That being said, one of the major services they provide for consumers is the facility to customize tanzanite jewelry. They have employed skilled designers, artisans, and craftsmen who are well-versed with creating sublime pieces of jewelry and customizing them, when required, to a customer’s specifications. 

Customization at Top Tanzanite is a result of the company's close attention to every detail and meticulous dedication to the art of jewelry making. They assure customers of the ability to replicate almost every design imaginable enabling the brand to offer tanzanite jewelry in a variety of cuts, for example, tanzanite rings can be crafted in - emerald, cushion, trillion, oval, marquise or heart cuts - depending on a customer’s preference.

Custom tanzanite rings and pendants tend to create a royal sense, thanks to their opulent and deep colors that stand out when paired with White/Yellow Gold or Diamonds. Rings are also available for events - tanzanite engagement rings, wedding rings, anniversaries or presents for special days.

Top Tanzanite has been satisfying thousands of customers over the years with their diligence to the manufacturing process of tanzanite jewelry, coupled with a skilled workforce of artisans that allow consumers to showcase their own unique style. Their enthusiastic team of dedicated professionals and experts are ready to assist customers in every possible way, so each one finds the perfect tanzanite accessory for every occasion.

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