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Make The Holidays Brighter With Our Tanzanite Jewelry On Sale

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As the landscape changes to a white winter, it’s time to work on your holiday shopping list. Christmas is the merriest, brightest of all holidays, and  TopTanzanite can help you make it even more so with our fantastic choices of tanzanite jewelry. 

Before you look at our list, you should know that tanzanite is an incredible gem with trichroic properties, meaning, depending on the angle at which it’s viewed, it exhibits stunning blue, violet, and even red hues. The stone is only mined in Tanzania and the mines might run out of this gemstone in the next 20-25 years. Therefore, there’s no better gift than tanzanite jewelry for the important people in your life. 

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Our holiday gift guide is filled with fabulous tanzanite jewelry designs that are both eye-catching and elegant. Each one is perfectly designed to brighten up the holiday season for you and your loved ones, so take and fall in love with our gorgeous designs: 

Exquisite Halo

Timeless design combined with the elegance of modern craftsmanship is embodied in this ring. The stunning round-cut tanzanite gemstone sparkles brighter with diamonds surrounding it. The prong setting for the center stone makes it ideal for any occasion. This is the perfect gift for your better half this Christmas. 

Round Tanzanite And Diamond Ring

Trichroic Elegance

This lavalier-style necklace is a gift that will last forever. The stunning design of this pendant exudes elegance and finesse. You can also customize the size of the tanzanite stone, the carat weight and also choose the metal color for its setting.

Round Tanzanite And Diamond Pendant
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Brilliant Round Studs

The Ella earrings feature on our list because we know just how dazzling a gift they would make for anyone. The brilliance of the round-cut tanzanite gemstone is only enhanced by the sparkle of  diamonds creating an allure you cannot deny. They’ll make the perfect gift for anyone who loves anything and everything chic and stylish.

Round Tanzanite And Diamond Earring

A Sprinkling Bracelet

We saved the best for last, with this exquisite bracelet. This is one of our more popular tanzanite jewelry designs and a superb gift for those who love bangles and bracelets as accessories. The meticulous workmanship in the bracelet is testament to our world-class artisans and assures every customer that when you buy Tanzanite jewelry, from Top Tanzanite, it will complement your natural aura making you the star in every room.

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Tanzanite And Diamond Bangle

We take immense pride in sourcing gemstones ethically and with over 42 years of experience in the business, our focus has always been on creating timeless pieces made with the highest quality gemstones. Come, visit our website and check out our full catalog of tanzanite jewelry for sale, should you want something that’s not on this list. Follow us on social media to know more about our products and offers and may you all have a wonderful holiday season!

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