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Make your July 4th a dazzler with these tanzanite pieces

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The federal holidays are around the corner and we’re all gearing up to start the summer with classic potato salad, traditional backyard barbecues, shiny new outfits and, of course, some dazzling 4th of July jewelry. Celebrate the season by styling your new looks with the finest tanzanite jewelry to upscale your independence day ensemble and steal the spotlight at every independence day event in town.

Since the 4th of July is largely celebrated in shades of red, white and blue, it would be symbolic to pair your outfits with brilliant pieces of tanzanite jewelry from our vibrant collection. Here are a few choice selections that you could consider: -

Tanzanite Rings
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Princess Tanzanite Ring 

Functional yet fabulous, this timeless tanzanite ring is a 1.70 ct princess cut, crafted with 0.41 cttw diamonds and set in 14K white gold. The beauty and elegance of the tanzanite, surrounded diamonds, makes the ring a suitable pairing with any glamorous outfit you pick. Moreover, the brilliant hues of the tanzanite gemstone are sufficient to highlight your effortless style.

Tanzanite Earrings

Emerald Cut Tanzanite and Diamond Earrings 

The 4th of July calls for the most up-beat events across the nation. These natural 3.20 cttw tanzanite and diamond earrings will easily make a statement at all the events you attend with their pure and exquisite design. Full of soul and personality, the natural glitter and sparkle of the tanzanite will make you shine as bright as the fireworks.

Tanzanite Pendants

Princess Tanzanite Pendant

Style your 4th of July ensemble with this spectacular 0.21 Cttw tanzanite pendant set in 14k white gold. With its blazing violet-blue hue, in a charming princess cut, this pendant is a perfect pairing with any of your glittering outfits that you might have planned for the day. 

tanzanite bracelets

Tanzanite and diamond bangle 

Chic, stylish and radiant, this 2.1 cttw tanzanite and diamond bangle with 0.33 cttw diamonds set in 14k white gold is just the piece you need for the 4th of July. The radiant tanzanite bracelet will give you that extra dazzle to show off at the big events of the day.

This 4th of July, celebrate independence in vibrant shades of blue with exquisite tanzanite jewelry from our collection. Visit our website to shop for our stunning tanzanite rings, brilliant tanzanite earrings, spectacular tanzanite bracelets and so much more that come with a free certificate of authenticity. We also offer free delivery for all orders across the United states.

From all of us at Top Tanzanite may you and your family have a glorious 4th of July! 

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